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How to add a card in a collection?

Hi! I'm new here. Can anyone explain me how can I add a card in my collection? I really don't understand how I can do that... thank you!

Thomas Bergadano replied 10 hours ago

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What does post-rotation mean?

Ik what rotation means and I also know what cards a moving away this April, but I have seen a lot of decks with "post-rotation" on them, what does this exactly mean?

Eminginjo replied 1 day ago

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Tips on how to play better

Hello! I'm not very good at the Pokemon TCG and just wanted to know any tips on how to play better. Thanks!

MagikarpMax96 replied 1 day ago

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Individual Card Shop

Ok before you spam TCGPLAYER.COM!! I am asking for a individual card store online where it doesn't have a giant shipping cost (Iono on tcgplayer has $19.99 shipping!)

Eminginjo replied 5 days ago

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Pokemon Humans

Nice. Good Job!

cosmog15 replied 6 days ago

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Card Codes, Question Mark

Yes, those are legit, as I have recieved those before and entered them.  And also yes, Twin Energy has rotated out of standard, so DTE is the best option at the moment.

NoGoodNames replied 1 week ago

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Introduce Yourself

wow sweet! I used to go to these tournaments at a nearby board game store and they were really cheap and fun but they stopped doing them and ever since I've been trying to find someplace else that

Genesis replied 2 weeks ago

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Pikachu Vmax for newbie

It's hard for newbie like me to build deck equal to meta deck nowdays because i don't have enough trainer card and pokemon card. Hope someone can teach me how to build pikachu vmax deck that can eq

QuantaSaber replied 1 month ago

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Ayuda pls/Help please

¿Como se añaden cartas a la coleccion? How are cards added to the collection?

mikel876 replied 1 month ago

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What deck (besides mew) will survive rotation 2023?

So I am predicting anything Arceus based, but does anyone have a specific deck with Arceus? I think anything with a Fighting type such as Hisuian Decidueye, Galarian Zapdos, or something else. I'm

ComfeyPillows replied 1 month ago

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