Top Cards

These are the most commonly used cards in the Pokemon TCG. Data is taken from the decks uploaded to

Evolution Incense

In 3900 Decks

Quick Ball

In 3864 Decks


In 2570 Decks

Boss's Orders

In 2251 Decks

Air Balloon

In 2183 Decks

Level Ball

In 1976 Decks

Professor's Research (Professor Magnolia)

In 1744 Decks

Boss's Orders

In 1729 Decks


In 1652 Decks

Crobat V

In 1357 Decks

Ordinary Rod

In 1354 Decks

Scoop Up Net

In 1315 Decks

Capture Energy

In 1237 Decks


In 1204 Decks

Professor's Research

In 1175 Decks


In 1137 Decks


In 1002 Decks

Escape Rope

In 989 Decks


In 951 Decks

Quick Ball

In 947 Decks

Boss's Orders

In 885 Decks

Path to the Peak

In 862 Decks


In 860 Decks

Water Energy

In 766 Decks


In 754 Decks

VS Seeker

In 742 Decks


In 736 Decks

Capacious Bucket

In 736 Decks

Pokémon Communication

In 716 Decks


In 693 Decks


In 690 Decks

Rare Candy

In 673 Decks

Professor's Research (Professor Magnolia)

In 671 Decks

Psychic Energy

In 668 Decks

Quick Ball

In 624 Decks

Tool Scrapper

In 601 Decks

Darkness Energy

In 588 Decks

Energy Search

In 588 Decks

Fog Crystal

In 579 Decks

Fire Energy

In 568 Decks

Cape of Toughness

In 560 Decks

Tower of Waters

In 559 Decks

Bird Keeper

In 548 Decks

Lightning Energy

In 545 Decks

Rapid Strike Energy

In 534 Decks

Air Balloon

In 507 Decks


In 502 Decks


In 500 Decks

Fighting Energy

In 481 Decks


In 479 Decks

Aurora Energy

In 477 Decks

Float Stone

In 474 Decks

Professor’s Research (Professor Oak)

In 473 Decks


In 467 Decks

Grass Energy

In 464 Decks

Training Court

In 463 Decks

Rescue Stretcher

In 456 Decks

Galarian Zigzagoon

In 449 Decks

Great Ball

In 447 Decks


In 442 Decks

Telescopic Sight

In 433 Decks

Field Blower

In 429 Decks


In 427 Decks

Single Strike Energy

In 421 Decks

Fan of Waves

In 420 Decks

Crushing Hammer

In 417 Decks

Metal Energy

In 417 Decks

Metal Saucer

In 416 Decks

Horror Psychic Energy

In 414 Decks

Speed Lightning Energy

In 412 Decks


In 406 Decks


In 406 Decks

Chaotic Swell

In 404 Decks


In 386 Decks

Level Ball

In 377 Decks

Reset Stamp

In 376 Decks


In 374 Decks

Urn of Vitality

In 372 Decks

Tower of Darkness

In 372 Decks

Nest Ball

In 369 Decks

Twin Energy

In 367 Decks

Pal Pad

In 366 Decks

Crobat V

In 361 Decks

Great Ball

In 360 Decks

Battle Compressor Team Flare Gear

In 358 Decks

Computer Search

In 351 Decks

Hiding Darkness Energy

In 349 Decks

Pokégear 3.0

In 346 Decks

Zacian V

In 344 Decks

Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX

In 341 Decks

Korrina's Focus

In 340 Decks

Old Cemetery

In 339 Decks

Tool Jammer

In 335 Decks


In 334 Decks

Galarian Moltres V

In 333 Decks

Crobat V

In 325 Decks

Guzma & Hala

In 322 Decks


In 321 Decks


In 310 Decks

Professor's Research (Professor Magnolia)

In 305 Decks