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Exo (1 hour ago): I said I opened 8 packs and by that i meant i opened 8 packs and used cards gained although I did only pull 1 Urishifu I used more than one because im too lazy to count how many of 1 thing i got ViewRiperillaboom (11 hours ago): Maybe include a couple Roxie and Weezing as well? ViewDragonborn24 (12 hours ago): Maxies hidden ball trick is banned ViewLightYearLiam (14 hours ago): Now this is what I call quality. Viewnormal (15 hours ago): Yes, that is what I meant. My goal was to deal damage to everything so that I can deal a ton of damage to anything that comes into the active spot. ViewDragonborn24 (15 hours ago): There's no way you got that in 8 packs ViewHatiya_ato (20 hours ago): all that energy and no monkey ? ViewDragonborn24 (23 hours ago): You do realise that it isn't standard because of the EXs... ViewGolbez04 (1 day ago): Good thought, but maybe I'm confused. Sableye says it does 60 damage for each damage counter on your opponents **active** pokemon. So even if Salamence did Swoop across and damaged the entire opponent bench, you would only do the 60 damage times the 30 damage on the opponents pokemon in the active spot, so 180 per swoop. Is that what you meant? Viewheartenedsky (1 day ago): Cool deck! ViewRiperillaboom (1 day ago): If I were to play this, I would ask my opponent for every single card if I could play it just for the fun of it. ViewRiperillaboom (1 day ago): Was Galarian Ponyta left out on purpose and there's a way to get the rapidash out I'm just not seeing? Otherwise might want to fix that... ViewGenesis (1 day ago): Rainbow Leon is so expensive :( ViewTandemTCG (2 days ago): Ah yes, rainbow Leon is cheap, $75 won't hurt my wallet :) ViewGolbez04 (2 days ago): Love that you found so many cards that ask the opponents input. Looks like it would be fun to play. ViewAggOtick (2 days ago): And the two ACE Specs. ViewAggOtick (2 days ago): Fixed the Deck Category. ViewGolbez04 (2 days ago): Yeah that would work too. I originally had 4 rainbow/2 aurora in this deck in a previous version, but realized that I could do all of my own attacks with just 2 or 4 rainbow, and already had a lot of discard options so I removed the aurora. However, they'd work just as well. With 3 you wont be able to use Mega Sableye & Tyranitar's Greedy Crush so if you do only run 3 rainbow/aurora, then either replace 1-2 psychic energy with 1-2 dark energy so you can at least possibly use it, or replace MST with another GX of your choosing. ViewGenesis (2 days ago): This is standard.. It's not banned in standard. ViewDragonborn24 (2 days ago): Reset Stamp is banned... ViewDragonborn24 (2 days ago): Do you think it would work with 1 rainbow and 3 aroura because that's all I have ViewGolbez04 (2 days ago): Thanks! Glad you like it! Ideally you would top deck a M&M, but if you didnt, there are 9 cards for targeted pokemon searching (2 tag call, 3 cherish balls, 2 quick balls, 2 Sonias). Between all of those and maybe Gladion, you should be able to find a M&M pretty quickly. Even if you didnt, there are several card draw options with 2 Cynthia, 2 Professor's Research, 2 Marnie and 1 Allister so you can power down through cards in a pinch. ViewDragonborn24 (2 days ago): This is an illegal Deck... ViewDragonborn24 (2 days ago): This looks great,I will make this online! The only problem is if you only get non m&m then that would make you lose ViewRiperillaboom (3 days ago): How are there two ACE SPECS? ViewJaromir (3 days ago): I see what you did there. You surely want to get that golden Switch from SM base set, golden Escape Rope from Battle Styles. And for added irony, replacing all Boss' Orders, Marnies and Magnolias with their full art, non-rainbow versions makes this deck even more expensive in online game. FAs are rated higher than RRs in in-game trades. ViewJaromir (3 days ago): Nice concept for Expanded (Gyro Unit Silvally GX, Typu:Null and Acerola push you into this format), though I see some issues: 1) Psychic Energy only for the sake of using M3w's attack seems excessive, along with the quantity of M3ws 2) Silvally's Ability provides the benefit only for Basic Pokemon, so doing the "dance" with VMAX might not be possible. However, Dawn Wings Necrozma GX might be useful since it can use its Invasion ability to go active and then retreat. Consistent loop until somebody shuts off your abilities. 3) 3 Scoop Up Nets with only targets being Type:Null seem like a dead end. This deck seems promising, but in Expanded format, where other viable tools are available. I would rethink the build while maintaining the concept. ViewRiperillaboom (4 days ago): I can imagine someone rolling up to a tournament with this just to show off their collection. Viewfishyfish (5 days ago): theres no energy in this deck, its completely unusable, theres no trainers either to get what you need for certain situations, and all your pokemon are different types so you would need to have multiple different types of energy. this deck is a good idea but completely wrong Viewpokenolan (5 days ago): tablemon ViewDragonborn24 (5 days ago): I hope I'm never against this xD Viewpokenolan (1 week ago): tablemon ViewTandemTCG (1 week ago): Lose, I think. Viewjdabest (1 week ago): use more SR Viewfishyfish (1 week ago): could someone please explain to me what the use of triple acceleration energy is in mad party decks? it seems kind of like a waste due to the fact that its gonna be discarded and all the cards that use colorless energy need a max of 2 colorless energy so it seems that it would be better to just use basic energy Viewfishyfish (1 week ago): so what is the strategy of this deck supposed to be ViewRiperillaboom (1 week ago): Very well rounded. ViewClanchy (1 week ago): 4 wake makes me shake ViewClanchy (1 week ago): adgqrewgdfg nigmt telemporterm ViewClanchy (1 week ago): (monkey voice): "where hypnotoxic" ViewTandemTCG (1 week ago): You don't need that much energy, maybe 9, so I would cut the Lightning Energy and Tapu Koko {*}, and you'll have some free space to include other trainers, perhaps Boss's Orders to stall out with opponent's Pokemon V in play. ViewTgarLaw (1 week ago): That Flabebe is banned in expanded format. Viewfishyfish (1 week ago): yes ViewFlandoop (1 week ago): this deck would be a competative god ViewFlandoop (1 week ago): this is just about the strangest deck I have ever seen ViewCLS08 (1 week ago): Ok Thx! ViewRiperillaboom (1 week ago): When you submit a deck, there is a large text box at the bottom that you can use to write the description. ViewCLS08 (1 week ago): How do you make the deck description? ViewKipog:) (1 week ago): Y? ViewHatiya_ato (1 week ago): lol just saw the description, atleast for expanded welder would make this deck viable forsure. ViewHatiya_ato (1 week ago): this is so cool. all it needs is less energy and some welder. ViewI_Like_pokemon (2 weeks ago): YOUR DECKS ARE AMAZING Viewnormal (2 weeks ago): That’s a good idea, and sableye is for attacking power/support. I’m planning to use both crobat and weezing to deal poison damage (along with their main purposes in support roles) to set up sableye for 190+damage for minimal setup. I was worried I didn’t have a main attacker in case things go wrong, so two sableyes that can also function as support seemed good. Viewprofesssorpoke (2 weeks ago): I would add some Fan of Waves, team yell grunts etc. for more energy denial. Also, what's the Sableye Vs for? ViewPokémon collector (2 weeks ago): nice deck bro :) ViewGengarblade (2 weeks ago): Fixed it thank you! ViewGengarblade (2 weeks ago): oh, the problem is that gengar EX dosen't show up for me! Viewmehaerodactylistillgood (2 weeks ago): You can't use M Gengar here. Gengar ex is very different from Gengar EX and you can't play gengar at all. The only pokemon usable here is Gengar and Mimkyu GX. ViewSupersaneX (2 weeks ago): Interesting idea. Is this supposed to be a post rotation version if not.... Welder ViewTandemTCG (2 weeks ago): Maybe you misunderstood. This is standard, and Malamar has rotated ViewPingumaster2000 (2 weeks ago): But... play them whit the malamar? Ok is expanded but... is good ViewRiperillaboom (2 weeks ago): I would switch out the Mewtwo EXs for a better version. Also probably switch the Tiernos for better draw supporters, ie. Marnie or professor's research. A couple quick balls would help, too. ViewSupersaneX (2 weeks ago): Wish there was a good blastiose as well ViewGengarblade (2 weeks ago): I forgot to add another mewtwo ex oops! ViewTandemTCG (2 weeks ago): You have better options, like Cheryl. And if you fear you are discarding energy, remember Stone Gift accelerates it, so it won't matter in the long run. ViewMio (2 weeks ago): it is from valut Viewnormal (3 weeks ago): lol, I forgot Alcremie is stage one. Why cut Zarude? I was planning to use it to heal stonjourner. ViewTandemTCG (3 weeks ago): Interesting ViewTandemTCG (3 weeks ago): Well, it is not bad, but it confuses the heck out of me ViewTandemTCG (3 weeks ago): Cut Alcremie, because it sucks and you have no Milcery, reduce Grass Energy and cut Zarude. Viewc h i l l (3 weeks ago): ... ViewRiperillaboom (3 weeks ago): bro now I want to make a break box deck. ViewWaffle (3 weeks ago): I Added A Full Art Greninja And Zoroark ViewWaffle (3 weeks ago): Ok I Will Add One And Take Out A Card ViewReathe (3 weeks ago): Looks like an interesting deck to try out ViewI_Like_pokemon (3 weeks ago): It says 217.0$ Viewprofesssorpoke (3 weeks ago): You can't even attack with more than half your Pokemon ViewPingumaster2000 (3 weeks ago): There is not the best deck, greninja and zoroark GX tag team is the Tier1in expanded ViewPingumaster2000 (3 weeks ago): But is not great, is sh*t deck Viewsaarvok (1 month ago): b ViewExo (1 month ago): aaaa ViewExo (1 month ago): I shall wait for gaymaker 3 now ViewHatiya_ato (1 month ago): cool deck, dont think u need the exiles tho. Crazy how the rapid lux can use double fighting energy ViewHatiya_ato (1 month ago): This looks kind of cool, wonder how consistent it b ViewHatiya_ato (1 month ago): This deck screams " I am bad at the game " ViewExo (1 month ago): This deck makes me want to commit Selfdestruct ViewJaromir (1 month ago): Energy issues aside, there is a limit of one ACE SPEC per deck. This means that 3 good options have to go, you can only keep 1. ViewJaromir (1 month ago): Yes, expensive, but that Tag Team, seems like it cannot be reliably charged. ViewJaromir (1 month ago): I will test, nice concept, though might be heavy. ViewJaromir (1 month ago): Such a cute stack of nice cards, but I see no basic Pokemon so it is not even a deck to begin with. ViewJaromir (1 month ago): Can we even call it a deck when you can neither deliver an attack nor provide a setup? This is just a stack of 60 expensive cards. ViewJaromir (1 month ago): I have been thinking about this deck a lot. I will import it and test it, just because you put a general idea which appealed to me into motion. Thank you. ViewPandaSheepOpener (1 month ago): i AGREE, very dumb deck ViewLlamaBob (1 month ago): Very expensive ViewDragonNinja61 (1 month ago): oh yeah................. ViewLlamaBob (1 month ago): very dumb deck Viewsaarvok (1 month ago): You cant play water and lightning special energy, cuz you cant attach these to Black Kyurem Viewwex (1 month ago): oh, ty for writing here jaja. yeah, maybe its more a tapu deck than a vika deck xdd ViewzEnCM (1 month ago): money Viewelysaeaa (1 month ago): nice bro View