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  • TandemTCG (54 seconds ago): Nice job! Only thing is that I've tested Crabominable V, it isn't very successful. Good luck on your variant!
  • TandemTCG (3 minutes ago): Nice job!
  • TandemTCG (4 hours ago): The 2-1 and 4-2 lines of Urshifu and Umbreon respectively are super low. Should be 4-3 and 2-2 instead.
  • DannnyGC (20 hours ago): Sick list!!! I might give this list a go with my IRL playgroup. Also, ignore TandemTCG, they're being rude for no reason.
  • TandemTCG (1 day ago): Yeah it's just a budget deck nothing competitive. Especially in a meta where Inteleon CRE is a 1-3 of in (almost) every deck (dependent on how many copies of Inteleon SSH is played).
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