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  • Primal Eclipse (3 hours ago): Fixed
  • bela56 (3 hours ago): I do agree that I need some gust, which is probably a Guzma. The idea is to use manual retreats to switch out though because I have infinite energy attachments.
  • Jaromir (3 hours ago): I do not understand why people post such pseudo-decks with sole intent of simply putting 60 random cards together. This is not a deck, this is a make believe page in your album.
  • Jaromir (3 hours ago): What Nichibo said - Galarian Articuno V. I understand that lack of Hapu is dictated by the post-rotation profile of this deck.
  • Jaromir (3 hours ago): Please be aware that you have stated the wrong format. It is Expanded rather than Standard. Enojyable idea.
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