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  • possiblyphoton (13 hours ago): Lmao this comment makes me laugh you only have 18 pokemon in your team, that's really dumb and uneffective, my team beat your whole team with 3 pokemon because you doesn't used any strong cards, very stupid Then site admin be like Tablemon is an extremely good deck-builder and player. I think I'd take his choices over others tbh. Far from stupid.
  • Gmailcard (3 days ago): free virus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bGM3yIGyP4
  • Gmailcard (3 days ago): free virus here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQX7JYQjDOQ
  • b000o (6 days ago): Credit: Keldeo Plays ;)
  • possiblyphoton (6 days ago): I'm not sure this would actually work, because for one turn of using Drizzile you won't be hitting for the 180 damage. IMO the only reason I'm saying this is because this really wasn't the greatest deck in the first place, which is why I feel like it's important to be hitting for 180 consistently every turn.
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