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  • GottaCatchATran (2 hours ago): any update to this with asr?
  • LordZed89 (2 hours ago): Sometimes that boost shake into Galarian Weezing on the first turn is enough to cause a scoop lol
  • marcusthagawd (3 hours ago): Hey i use a similar deck to this can u give me some tips? Ive been using galarian weezing alot now with Etern. If u had to add it into this deck what would u swap it with or  is it even worth adding weezing into it? Also i dont see crobat vmax is that card worth adding either lol?
  • sallysnaglepuss (12 hours ago): Yeah this deck is dangerous! Love playing against it. 
  • sallysnaglepuss (12 hours ago): What are you going to use to get your Heatran out of your discard pile when he gets knocked out? 
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