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  • SkyBlaze8 (1 hour ago): DeeMss also if you can find space add 2 Air Balloons.
  • IsonautTCG (2 hours ago): Add oricorio to reduce damage.
  • lukemblocks (4 hours ago): DeeMss That's a good point about Capacious Bucket, I did notice that I felt like I had too many of the wrong supporters gumming up my hand since I can only play one per turn but couldn't quite put my finger on the problem. Thanks for the feedback!
  • lukemblocks (4 hours ago): SkyBlaze8 Thank you for the feedback! That all makes a lot of sense and fits with what I felt wasn't working though I don't know enough yet to see the problems myself right away. I'll get my hands on some of those cards (still building up the collection right now) and give that a try next time I see him.
  • SkyBlaze8 (5 hours ago): This deck is not that bad but depending if you're trying to beat him or make a deck good against most other decks changes can vary but I think you should change Blastoise V and VMAX to a 3-3 line even though is your main attacker you don't need that many, Flying Pikachu V and VMAX should be cut out unless you are trying to beat his Inteleon deck specifically, cut out the number of Snoms and Frosmoths to a 2-2 line, cut Radiant Hawlucha for Radiant Greninja, make the Bidoof and Bibarel line a 3-3 line, have 4 Capacious Buckets, have 2 Evolution Incense, cut out Lady Completely, have 4 Melony, cut Nessa, cut the lightning energy, and add more water energy.
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