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  • ManlyStanley (14 hours ago): this is a pile of expensive unplayable cards in standard when none are swsh
  • Alvin (17 hours ago): you cant play this
  • CYGNUS (22 hours ago): This deck isn't using Jumpluff's own attack. It uses the Rapid Strike Scroll of Swirls to give Jumpluff another move. This move costs a fighting energy and two colorless energy. That's why I'm using Bea.
  • T-Yetii (1 day ago): I don't understand bea it only attaches to fighting so how does it work?
  • ZapZ (3 days ago): I think if you are trying to make it a type coverage box probably the suicune version with altaria and victini along with either umbreon or moltres and zapdos is better than shady dealings and two of those researches can become marnies like in most suicune builds
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  • Deck Ideas (6 days ago): I am just looking for a few suggestions for decks to try and put my own spin on.   Got any ideas?
  • Collection Cost? (5 days ago): I can definitely look into potentially adding this! 
  • Comments (5 days ago): Not everyone comments. Unfortunately, it's just the way of things. I'd suggest maybe yourself commenting on the decks other people upload? Once people start to recognize you around the site
  • Shining and Hidden Fates (2 weeks ago): Can you pls add the shiny cards and the charizard to shining fates and hidden fates and just remove the shiny vault?
  • One of the newest pack's coming soon. (2 weeks ago): Number 1. ( The New Celebrations Set ) The new celebration's set of Sword and Shield, coming on October 8th, 2021 and the number of cards that we know right now is 45 cards. So whe
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