Rotation Sadness

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OPOctowen 1 month ago
Right now, the top 8 cards in decks all have a D regulation mark, but some of them will be staying (e.g. Ultra Ball). Still, Evolution Incense is in over 10,000 decks, and is about to leave Standard play. Which card that is rotating out makes you the saddest (e.g. Quick Ball), and are there any cards they're reprinting that you wish they'd let go? (e.g. Ultra Ball)

For me, I'm saddest to see Evolution Incense and Quick Ball go, and I'm mad that they're reprinting Boss's Orders (as Ghetesis) in Scarlet&Violet.

eric 3 weeks ago

Boss Orders is integral to this game. Being unable to gust unbalances some decks to an extreme degree. Imagine a format with cards like Manaphy, Dunsparce, Radiant Greninja, Bibarel, Archeops without a reliable gust option. Relying on options like Pokemon Catcher and Cross Switcher would be awful.

SoroSorrow 3 weeks ago

Gusting is important, but I feel like Boss is just too OP in the currect meta. But it is just because the meta is soooooo fast. With ex it could be better.

If we start second, turn 2 you get Boss KO before you can do anything. I feel like something that is a bit harder to pull would be better (like Cross-Switcher). Maybe a Gust card that can only be played if the opponent has taken more prizes? But maybe the real issue is that the meta is just too fast too.

Concerning the question asked, I think the most important card (for which we don't have a confirmed direct replacement) is Evolution Encense. Yeah, we have Arezu and that new Supporter that gets two Evolutions, but that's not near as good as an item like Evo Incense. And Ultra Ball cost is too high to be a satisfying  replacement.

OPOctowen 3 weeks ago

SoroSorrow, I agree with like every word you just said.

I agree with you Eric that gusting options are really necessary, but I think that (like SoroSorrow said) stuff like Cross Switcher (you must have two) and Serena (only works on Vs), or something with an entirely new concept, for instance, (like SoroSorrow said again) maybe you can only play if your opponent has drawn (a) prize card(s), or only if you're behind on prizes, or something like that.

If I had to guess, I would say we should get something at least similar to Evolution Incense at some point in the first year of Scarlet&Violet, maybe something like Timer Ball again (you flip 2--for each heads, you get an evolution Pokémon), just because it feels like they wouldn't add a new type of Pokémon that more often than not is an evolution Pokémon (in this case, exs) and not have at least one specific evolution search item card.

I totally agree relying on Pokémon Catcher would be egregious.

eric 3 weeks ago

It comes with the caveat of using your supporter for turn at least

Cross Switcher's effect is without a doubt the strongest in the game, and when it was tied to a Supporter (Guzma) it was probably too strong even with the OPT rule. So I'm fine with Cross Switcher as is. I think Boss is fine right now, imo Marnie is the worst offender of this block personally and I am very glad to see it go. Without Boss, its impossible to win some matchups. So it is a neccesary evil. 

It will also definitely feel less oppressive as the meta slows down, like SoroSorrow said.

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OPOctowen 3 weeks ago

That's a good point, and I agree Marnie is pretty horrendous. Both N and Reset Stamp were only really bad for your opponent once they had drawn prizes and therefore had a chance to get going, whereas Marnie can be played really early to bother your opponent.

SoroSorrow 3 weeks ago

Oups, I'm feeling bad, I really liked Marnie and it is the card I'll miss the most ahah But to be fair, what I liked most is not really the disrupt part (this is just a nice bonus), but the fact that it put the cards at the botton of the deck. If we could have an equivalent of Shauna that does this instead of shuffling the cards, it would be perfect

OPOctowen 3 weeks ago

Ok that's a great point, the fact that you get to put the cards you don't want on the bottom of your deck is really fun. I wouldn't be very surprised or annoyed if they had something like Crobat V but where you put it on the bottom of your deck.

SantaBranscum 1 week ago

Quick ball and evolution leaving stinks, but Capturing Aroma is kind of a mixture of both, effect wise. Just let at the mercy of a coin flip.

OPOctowen 1 week ago

That's true. Coin flip-*shudder*