"Test Hand" picks more copies of cards than are in deck

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OPpiellama28 2 weeks ago


Sometimes when using the "Test Hand" feature, the simulation will show more copies of a card than I have in the deck. See the screenshots where I have 1 Cynthia & Caitlin in the deck, but the simulator gives me 2 in my opening hand.

<sorry, I'm not sure if I can just upload an image here; copy/paste didn't seem to work>

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Genesis 2 weeks ago

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I will investigate!

In the meantime, can you link a deck where you found this issue to occur? 


OPpiellama28 2 weeks ago

Here's the one I tried to paste some pictures from:

image Roxie Beheeyem Aceless Deck - pokemoncard.io Pokémon Deck Uploaded 2021-08-27: No multiprizers... PokemonCard

I've noticed it with other decks before, too, though I don't remember exactly which ones.