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OPThePaleSmith 3 weeks ago

I accidentally made a copy of a deck instead of just updating the existing one, is there any way to just delete the old one? I can't find the option anywhere. ūüėĒ 

Genesis 3 weeks ago

I've just deleted it for you now! However, you raise a good point and I need to get around to adding an option for a user to delete their own decks. 

OPThePaleSmith 3 weeks ago

Thank you so much! I appreciate it!

Genesis 3 weeks ago

The option to delete your own deck has now been added. When viewing a deck page you should see a "Delete Deck" button alongside the "Edit Deck" button. 

OPThePaleSmith 3 weeks ago

Heck yeah! Thank you so much! You're very much appreciated!