2023-06-02 12:02:28
+ 1Judge (Scarlet & Violet)+ 4Nest Ball (Scarlet & Violet)+ 3Professor's Research (Professor Sada) (Scarlet & Violet)+ 2Giratina V (Lost Origin)+ 2Giratina VSTAR (Lost Origin)+ 4Colress's Experiment (Lost Origin)+ 2Lost Vacuum (Lost Origin)+ 4Comfey (Lost Origin)+ 2Boss's Orders (Rebel Clash)+ 1Energy Recycler (Battle Styles)+ 2Escape Rope (Battle Styles)+ 3Fog Crystal (Chilling Reign)+ 2Klara (Chilling Reign)+ 1Raihan (Evolving Skies)- 3Professor's Research (Pokémon GO)- 2Escape Rope (Burning Shadows)- 1Energy Recycler (Forbidden Light)- 1Judge (Lost Thunder)- 4Nest Ball (Scarlet & Violet)- 2Giratina V (Lost Origin)- 4Colress's Experiment (Lost Origin)- 2Giratina VSTAR (Lost Origin)- 2Lost Vacuum (Lost Origin)- 1Sableye (Lost Origin)- 2Boss's Orders (Rebel Clash)- 2Klara (Chilling Reign)- 3Fog Crystal (Chilling Reign)- 1Raihan (Evolving Skies)- 3Comfey (SWSH Black Star Promos)

Deck Breakdown

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