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Deck History

2022-10-05 03:24:35
+ 2PokéStop (Pokémon GO)+ 2Marnie (Sword & Shield)+ 4Quick Ball (Sword & Shield)+ 2Rotom Phone (Champion's Path)+ 1Echoing Horn (Chilling Reign)+ 1Cram-o-matic (Fusion Strike)+ 1Boss's Orders (Brilliant Stars)+ 1Ultra Ball (Brilliant Stars)- 4Psychic Energy (Sun & Moon)- 2Training Court (Rebel Clash)- 1Leon (Vivid Voltage)- 4Fog Crystal (Chilling Reign)- 1Latias (Fusion Strike)- 2Chili & Cilan & Cress (Fusion Strike)

Deck Breakdown

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