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Deck History

2022-11-24 23:08:40
+ 4Hyper Potion (Sword & Shield)+ 2Marnie (Sword & Shield)+ 1Quick Ball (Sword & Shield)+ 4Trekking Shoes (Astral Radiance)+ 4Colress's Experiment (Lost Origin)+ 1Escape Rope (Battle Styles)+ 2Crystal Cave (Evolving Skies)+ 2Arceus V (Brilliant Stars)+ 1Arceus VSTAR (Brilliant Stars)+ 2Boss's Orders (Brilliant Stars)+ 4Ultra Ball (Brilliant Stars)+ 4Double Turbo Energy (Brilliant Stars)- 1Energy Retrieval (Sun & Moon)- 1Fighting Energy (Sun & Moon)- 2Metal Energy (Sun & Moon)- 3Energy Search (Sword & Shield)- 2Evolution Incense (Sword & Shield)- 4Metal Saucer (Sword & Shield)- 1Switch (Sword & Shield)- 1Hisuian Heavy Ball (Astral Radiance)- 3Serena (Silver Tempest)- 1Worker (Silver Tempest)- 2Training Court (Rebel Clash)- 1Crobat V (Darkness Ablaze)- 1Bird Keeper (Darkness Ablaze)- 2Marnie (Champion's Path)- 2Boss's Orders (Shining Fates)- 1Duraludon V (Evolving Skies)- 1Pumpkaboo (Evolving Skies)- 1Marnie's Pride (Brilliant Stars)- 1Lumineon V (Brilliant Stars)

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