New Japanese 2023 Championship Series Promo Card Revealed! Will We be Getting New League Promo Energy cards?


Pokemon Card Game Japan revealed their new Championship Series Promo Cards for the 2023 season. In their video, the latest promo cards will include Charcadet and new Energy cards with the 2023 Championship Series stamp. The Charcadet card will be given out to participants participating in the upcoming Aichi Champions League in February. 


Image Source: Official YouTube Account of Pokemon Card Game Japan


Also, Hisuian Typhlosion V and Energy Loto will also be part of the new Championship Series Promo Cards along with the Champions League sleeve. 


For the details of the new 2023 Championship Series Promo, you can check here:



RRC - Heat Blast 60

Hisuian Typhlosion V


O - Singe

Your opponent's Active Pokémon is now Burned.


PPC - Petrifying Flame 120

Choose a random card from your opponent's hand. Your opponent reveals that card and shuffles it into their deck.

Energy Loto



Look at the top 7 cards of your deck. You may reveal an Energy card you find there and put it into your hand. Shuffle the other cards back into your deck.

Basic Energy


Card Sleeves


What do you guys think of these cards? I think in terms of promo cards from big tournaments, we get better promo cards than Japan because from what I can see is that the Japanese rarely get a good card from this kind of promo.


For more information you can check the video here:


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News Source: Official YouTube Account of Pokemon Card Game Japan (【公式】ポケモンカードチャンネル)

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