New Characters Introduced for the Upcoming Animated Series! Ceruledge in the animated series!

Pokemon Japan officially released a new teaser/trailer for the upcoming animated series. Inside it, they introduced several new characters Amethyo, Zir, and Conia along with their Pokemon partner Ceruledge, Rhydon, and Golduck respectively where they are part of a group called Explorers. Pokemon Japan also revealed another character whose job is a streamer in a Nidoqueen outfit named Gurumin but is yet to reveal who is inside. The upcoming animated series will be aired in Japan starting April 14, 2023, featuring Liko and Roy replacing Ash Ketchum and Pikachu, as they adventure through the Pokemon world with three Paldean Starter Pokemon. 


Here are the images of the newly revealed characters:

Amethyo & Ceruledge

Voice: Shun Horie





Zir & Rhydon

Voice: Kohsuke Tanabe


Conia & Golduck

Voice: Arisa Shida





Voice: Yoshino Aoyama



You can also see the official video here:



What do you guys think of these characters? I am really keen to see Amethyo and Ceruledge in action because they can be one of the favourite characters outside the Main Character. I also really want to see how Pokemon will shape this new animated series because this is a fresh start with all the new characters being introduced.


Comment down below to share your thoughts!


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News Source: 

  • Official Twitter Account of Pokemon Japan

  • Official Twitter Account of Pokemon Anime Official Japan

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