Greninja V-Union Deck: Feel Da Wae

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Today I’m going to talk about one of the V-UNION decks which are, Greninja V-UNION!


Here’s an example of the deck:

This is just an example, if the deck didn’t work for you, you can try to experiment with it yourself and get comfortable with it.

Deck Overview

You want to start your early game by playing Suicune V and try to set up at least 2 Cinccino to hasten your Greninja V-UNION. Frosmoth is here to help you accelerate when Greninja V-UNION is active. 

Greninja V-UNION

V-UNION seems to be forgotten in the current meta. With its hard setup and requirement, people tend to choose the traditional way of fighting. This time, I try to bring up Greninja V-UNION where its ability seems good in today’s meta.


First, ‘Ninja Body’ is a good ability to have because you cannot get disrupted especially Greninja V-UNION attack cost is considerably high. Adding with its hard setup, getting disrupted is making our effort seems a bit useless. So, having this ability can be one of our trump cards for winning the game. 


Second, ‘Antidote Jutsu’ is not quite a good ability. Even though it prevents you from getting poisoned, the only Special Conditions deck that can be considered viable in the current meta is Salazzle/Butterfree or Gal. Weezing deck. So this may be one kind of condition only, although this ability may come in clutch to save the day.


Third, ‘Feel The Way’, in my opinion, is one of the most powerful abilities in the current meta. But seeing it on Greninja V-UNION is a bit confusing because Greninja V-UNION doesn’t have any disruption attack that can disrupt the opponent’s hand. But still, it is a good ability because you can try to look at the opponent’s hand first before you use Marnie to make sure your opponent has a hard time. 


Now, talking about its attack, 1 Water Energy for 130 is very powerful because even if you get disrupted, Capacious Bucket can help you find your energy and you can reattach it easily. Then, its third attack can deal 100 damage across the board which is a very powerful attack. If you can somehow set up Greninja V-UNION quickly, you can use its third attack to knock some bench Pokemon like the Inteleon line while it is still a Sobble or Drizzile. Lastly, its last attack, in my opinion, is a conditional attack where you can trap your opponent because some decks don’t play any switch cards.

Suicune V

This is your early attacker and can even be your only attacker if you cannot set up Greninja V-UNION quickly. With its low attack cost and only a V Pokemon, you can hurt your opponent quickly and try to make sure you already deal some damage to your opponent before attacking with Greninja V-UNION.


With this deck, Suicune V is not the only attacker you can come up with. I have tried Inteleon VMAX and Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX. Yes, it is becoming a good deck because you can sustain more damage and somehow win the game without even playing Greninja V-UNION. But, I think it is better to be a separate deck and try to find another good pair for Greninja V-UNION. Because what’s the point of playing Greninja V-UNION if you’re not even playing it?


This is our go-to engine because Cinccino’s ability allows us to discard a card in order to have 2 cards. You can use its ability to discard Greninja V-UNION part and try to dig for more parts. 


You can try to play the Inteleon line, but I don’t recommend it now because you need discarding power in order to have a quick V-UNION. But, in the case of Ultra Ball being back this year, I guess you can try to play the Inteleon line to search for Ultra Ball because it can instantly discard 2 cards. 





This is your energy accelerator. Because Suicune V and Greninja V-UNION is a water type, you can accelerate fast enough to make sure you are ready to attack whenever possible. Why? Because this deck has a low HP pool especially Greninja V-UNION. So you want to attack whenever possible.


I only bring 2-2 lines because you only need 1 for it to work. Even if you don’t play it, Suicune V can still attack in 2 turns because of its low attack cost and Greninja V-UNION can still attack even though it is a bit low on the power side.




I play a fairly standard supporter here, Professor’s Research, Marnie, and Boss’s Orders. The only thing different here is Melony, Raihan, and Peonia


I mainly don’t play too much Melony because I can accelerate with Frosmoth and I can find the Water-Energy by using Capacious Bucket.


Also, I only play 1 Raihan because when I tried to play 2 or more copies of it, the game is usually over, and in some of the games I don’t even play it. I just bring 1 copy just to have that clutch factor.


Peonia is a conditional card. Because I need to find Greninja V-UNION part as fast as possible, if the parts are prized, I can try to find it by using Peonia


You also can try to play with Adventurer’s Discovery to find your Suicune V or Greninja V-UNION parts quickly. I don’t play it because mainly I can dig my cards using the Cinccino line. But you can try to play it if you want to experiment with the deck.


Quick Ball, Level Ball, Great Ball, and Evolution Incense are my standard searcher. But, you can try to not play any Evolution Incense and focus it on the Great Ball. I’ve tried to play it without any Evolution Incense and I can find my V-UNION parts fairly quick. But the thing that makes me reconsider is that sometimes I can’t set up my Cinccino and Frosmoth quickly. That’s why I try to bring Evolution Incense and it works for me.


Echoing Horn is also another conditional card. This card can be your winning card if you are short on Prize Cards. You can use it to place Sobble or any other basic non-V cards and use Greninja V-UNION spread attack to instantly knock them out to add 1 more Prize Card.


Other than that, you can try to play Fan of Waves in case you are constantly facing many decks that relies on Special Energy. Also, you can try to readjust the number of cards being played to make sure you’re comfortable playing the deck.





With Lightning deck is not too popular right now except for Jolteon VMAX, weakness may not be a problem for you if you successfully set up your Greninja V-UNION. But because our overall HP pool is a bit low, Suicune V can still be knocked by weakness and some OHKO decks may pose a threat.


You want to set up at least 2 Cinccino in your early game and attack with Suicune V quickly. If you drag the game too long, Cinccino or Frosmoth can be easily gusted by your opponent. Frosmoth is not our early priority, but setting it up is mandatory because you want to charge Greninja V-UNION.



Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX or Jolteon VMAX may pose a big threat for you. They can easily snipe your bench and you are left with no draw power. You may counter them by using Greninja V-UNION spread attack to knock their bench as well.


Other than that, OHKO deck like Mew VMAX, Single Strike Urshifu VMAX, or Rayquaza VMAX is the one that can pose a threat for you because of their big damage output. 


This deck is fairly solid from the start, but if you try to prolong it into the late game, this deck may counter some problems because of the lack of damage output. Setting up V-UNION is also hard to begin with, maybe when Ultra Ball gets reprinted, V-UNION may have some chances.


So what do you guys think? This is a pretty solid and fun deck for me to play because you are not relying on VMAX Pokemon. V-UNION mechanic is also a unique one where you combine 4 cards into one big unit and have an arsenal of attacks. With VSTAR approaching, we may have some unique meta out there consisting of VMAX, V-UNION, and VSTAR.


Comment down below to share your thoughts!


Stay safe and healthy! - Arelios

There may be some mistakes and missing points of review in this writing. Please kindly comment to share your correction and point of view too.

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