Flareon VMAX: Into Fire

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Hi everyone! It's been a while since I published the Flareon VMAX deck, and promised a review. It's been a month or more, so here it is. Today, we’ll be looking at Flareon VMAX. If you love long articles, this is for you. If not... still read it, just over a few days or something. Before we start, I want to say that this article is also more on the exploration side, because not many people play it, so I just want to show you what Flareon VMAX can be played with. Enjoy!


Card Breakdown:

Flareon VMAX is a Single Strike Pokemon with 320 HP. Its attack, Max Detonate, can deal 100 times the number of energy discarded off the top 5 cards of the deck. This is similar to other ‘meme’ decks like Gyarados from Team Up, but this Pokemon requires a total of 3 energy to attack. This deck basically wants to fill half the deck with energy, so that it can be hitting at least 300 damage every turn. I really enjoy this deck, because once you set up, man, it's just bulldozing through the opponents and grabbing those prize cards. Weakness… Weak to Water type, which will spell trouble against Inteleon VMAX, Suicune V… basically any Water type decks. This will cause issues, and will cause you to lose. However, the Single Strike function? Ability? I have no idea. But it will come in useful, as you might see later. Let’s start by doing my favourite thing, brainstorming teammates (I do not actually like it).



Team Options:

Houndoom: Being a Single Strike Pokemon allows it to utilise Single Strike Energy, which can boost its damage output by 20 per energy. This can be accelerated by Houndoom. This damage boost is also very strong. The biggest HP size in the game currently is 340, and having Single Strike Energy attached by Houndoom can meet the energy requirements and take KOs on VMAXes much easier. With the Single Strike Energy attached, it requires 3 energy to be discarded instead of 4 energy. This will make it a consistent attacker instead of risking not taking a KO that turn. Obviously, this will require quite a bit of set up, but at least, you will not take an auto lost to energy denial.


Elemental Badge: Elemental Badge can reduce the energy counts for Flareon VMAX by 1 (C) energy. This is a good alternative if Houndoom is not an option. This allows for Flareon VMAX to attack much faster, making it much more threatening. All Flareon VMAX decks should play at least 2 of them, or even more for additional consistency (and also lessened consistency if you keep drawing into it).


Flareon V: Flareon V’s first attack is actually not bad, being able to deal 20 damage and attach 1 (F) energy from the deck to it. This is a good way to gain an advantage by going second, being able to attach 2 energy during that turn. However, this does require you to leave it in the active spot, which will render it vulnerable to attacks, especially to decks which set up quickly. Many decks like Mew VMAX can already be dealing 210 damage or more on turn 2, which requires Mew V/VMAX, 2 energy, and a Genesect V on the bench. This is also not a viable attack late game, as it will most likely be knocked out the moment it attaches energy to itself.


Energy Recycler: Since Flareon VMAX decks tend to run a lot of energy, and those energy are always being discarded. Since the chance of hitting big numbers decreases every time Flareon VMAX discards energy, Energy Recycler can get 5 energy back into the deck, making Flareon VMAX hit big numbers again. 



Volcarona V: For 1 energy, this card can deal 20 plus 20 times the number of fire energy in the discard pile, similar to Victini Prism Star’s attack, Infinity. This then shuffles all the energy cards back into the deck. Being able to hit big numbers and recycle energy? I see this as an absolute win! Being able to attack for 1 Fire Energy will allow you to: Slap it down, Attach, Switch and BAM. It is really good for late games, when there is an energy shortage in the deck. This card also has potential to OHKO VMAX Pokemon, which makes it even more dangerous. Last but not least, it can help you save deck space instead of playing Energy Recycler. 






Oranguru/Switching Cups: Being able to guarantee at least 100 dmg? YES! These cards serve the same purpose, which is to put 1 energy on top of the deck and make sure that Flareon VMAX can hit at least 100 dmg. This is really crucial, as VMAX requires 4 energy (without damage boosting) to be KOed, and these cards can let you only attack by discarding 3 energy. A really neat tech if you run fewer energy.


Cryogonal: Cryogonal from Evolving Skies is a really strange but cool way to accelerate energy, but mostly for decks which play high counts of energy. It can look at the top 6 cards of the deck and attach it to your Pokemon anyway you like. Although it requires a water energy, keep in mind that Flareon VMAX only requires one Fire energy to attack, so playing 5-6 water energy will not do much harm to the deck. Also, Volcarona V can also use Water Energy to add to its damage. The synergy is really quite amazing.


Peony: Peony is a really fitting engine, as it can search out item cards that you need, like Elemetal Badge to attack, or Flareon VMAX. Either way, this card will come in useful, especially when you are bricking. Peony can also help to discard Energy, which may help fuel the attack of Volcarona V, provided you are adding it into your deck. I really love this engine, as it provides the explosive speed that I really like.



Deck Idea: 

Pokemon - 12

2 Yamper BST 52

3 Flareon V EVS 169

3 Flareon VMAX EVS 18

2 Volcarona V EVS 21

2 Crobat V PR-SW 110


Trainer - 24

3 Poké Ball BLW 97

2 Evolution Incense SSH 163

3 Great Ball SSH 164

1 Air Balloon SSH 213

1 Ordinary Rod SSH 215

4 Quick Ball SSH 216

4 Ball Guy SHF 65

1 Bird Keeper SHF 66

1 Rose SHF 71

2 Elemental Badge EVS 147

2 Level Ball AOR 76


Energy - 24

22 Fire Energy 2

2 Capture Energy DAA 201


2 Yamper+ 4 Ball Guy: I play a search engine rather than a draw engine, as I find that there are no good shuffle supporter cards. Bruno requires you to be KOed in order to draw more cards, and when compared to cards like Cynthia, it seems rather outclassed. Judge and Shauna also shuffle the deck, but usually the number of cards you draw will not help you get what you need. I also chose not to use Marnie as it puts energy to the bottom of the deck. Why I prefer a shuffle supporter is that I do not keep discarding energy or putting it at the bottom of the deck. Let me explain. Professor’s Research will discard tons of energy if you have an entire hand full of energy (highly likely) Therefore, Yamper/Ball Guy can recycle search cards/search out search cards (That sounds weird, I know), which in turn can search out any Pokemon, including Crobat V.


Crobat V: These cards act as the draw support of this deck, and are searchable through Ball Guy/Yamper. This card replaces Marnie and Professor’s Research, the main draw power of many decks. However, since


Rose: A really neat card that can come in clutch when your Flareon VMAX is not set up yet. 1 copy is really enough after I tried this deck. Rose can instantly accelerate 2 energy, and when you attach another energy: BOOM, Max Detonate the opponent. A very good one time use card, which can swing the game into your favour. Even though your hand might be burned after playing Rose, the Prize Cards taken can help you draw some cards.


Capture Energy/22 Fire Energy: This is the main ‘power’ of the deck. By running high counts of energy, Flareon VMAX will almost never be whiffing the attack (basically not attacking) since almost every time energy will be discarded. Capture Energy also helps to establish Flareon V and Volcarona V early on in the game.


3 Great Ball+2 Level Ball+3 Pokeball+4 Quick Ball: The main search engine of the deck. Yamper and Ball Guy can search these cards out to either set up attackers, or to just draw more cards with Crobat V. This engine in my opinion is better than draw engines, as you cannot play other supporter cards like Bird Keeper to switch out.




I find that I do lack switching, and it is very easy to strand the Flareon V/VMAX in the active, either through gusting, or when promoting another Pokemon after getting KOed. Since Flareon V/VMAX have high retreat costs and attacking costs, this can render me unable to do anything. Also, I do find it hard to search for Elemental Badge, which can slow down the game. I also find myself susceptible to hand disruption, but I believe many decks also have this weakness. Lastly, I think this deck requires Oranguru to put energy on top of the deck and to be Marnie-proof. I did find that sometimes I am just hitting for 100 or 200 damage, which is frankly not enough. With Oranguru, I can guarantee that I am hitting at least 100 damage.


Also, this deck requires a balance of damage and consistency. Do you prefer damage or a more consistent set up? More damage would mean that you will have to play more energy, which will decrease the consistency by giving you dead draws. However, if you play less energy, you will risk hitting 100/200 damage each turn. Personally, I’d rather hit bigger numbers, but it is entirely up to you.



More Deck Ideas:

I believe that there are other ways to play this deck, especially with Houndoom, as seen below. This deck also incorporates Single Strike Mustard, which is a fun card to play. Although it isn't the most consistent, you will definitely have a lot of fun playing this deck. 

Pokemon - 13

2 Oranguru VIV 199

1 Galarian Meowth SHF 159

2 Houndoom BST 179

2 Houndour BST 95

3 Flareon V EVS 169

3 Flareon VMAX EVS 18


Trainer - 23

3 Energy Recycler GRI 123

2 Air Balloon SSH 156

2 Evolution Incense SSH 163

4 Quick Ball SSH 216

1 Single Strike Scroll of Scorn BST 133

2 Tower of Darkness BST 137

2 Bruno BST 158

3 Single Strike Style Mustard BST 163

1 Single Strike Scroll of Piercing CRE 154

2 Welcoming Lantern CRE 156

1 Karen's Conviction CRE 193


Energy - 24

18 Fire Energy 2

2 Capture Energy RCL 171

4 Single Strike Energy BST 183



Galarian Meowth: A good card to thin out your hand. This can increase the number of times you play Single Strike Mustard so that you can set up Houndooms or Flareon VMAX


Welcoming Lantern: Welcoming Lantern is basically VS Seeker, a staple card in expanded, but only for Single Strike supporters. A good way to recycle supporters. This also helps you get Single Strike Mustard from the Discard Pile which will let you establish Houndoom/Flareon VMAX more often. Also, this allows for lesser draw supporters being played. Bruno is the best Single Strike draw supporter (I know I said it's bad but that is the ony Single Strike draw supporter, which allows for Welcoming Lantern to reuse it.


Single Strike Scrolls: Mostly tech cards to improve matchups. Single Strike Scroll of Piercing is to take out Decidueye. It requires the same energy cost, and can OHKO Decidueye after Weakness. Although Decidueye matchups are not that common, it still is a great Tech option, as this deck cannot fare well against Decidueye. Single Strike Scroll of Scorn is a very cheap attack that can hit big numbers, especially after you get hit but not quite KOed. A very good way to deal with disruption decks that chip at your health and remove energy. Also combines well with Houndoom which can put damage counters using its ability. I just want to mention that these cards should be used sparingly and not attach them left right centre. These should be used as “Surprise Cards” to outplay the opponent when they least expect it and leave them in a really bad state.


Energy Recyclers: Another way to play Flareon VMAX is with Energy Recycle. Similar to Volcarona V, it can help prolong the game to attack for big damage every turn. Although 3 may be a bit excessive, but I think it is very good with Single Strike Mustard as it requires a small hand. This means your hand will burn more often. This will mean that Energy and Energy Recyclers will be in the Discard Pile for the most parts of the game, which can affect this decks’ performance. Energy Recyclers can then come in to recycle all that energy and let Flareon VMAX hit again.




Mew VMAX: Mew VMAX is a bit tricky, as they can copy Latias’s move, Dyna Barrier, which can render Flareon VMAX unable to attack. In that case, you will have to either hit quickly, or add gusting (I didn’t add it hehe) to take down their Genesect V as you hit it for weakness. Obviously, that will be considerably harder to win, but it is still an option. Mew VMAX, on the other hand, can use Genesect V’s Techno Blast (Blade) in combination with Dyna Barrier to do 280 damage. With a few Power Tablets here and there, Flareon VMAX will be 2HKOed without being able to hit it (because Mew VMAX uses Dyna Barrier to block, then uses Techno Blast to KO Flareon VMAX.) Flareon VMAX with Houndooms suffer a lot more as well, as it has Damage Counters placed by Houndoom, which allows Mew VMAX to 2HKO it without any Power Tablets used. I would also like to add that Mew VMAX can set up in 1 turn, which is very dangerous for Flareon VMAX, if you are trying to out pace it. In conclusion, this matchup is winnable, but the odds are in Mew VMAX’s favour, which is just…a little disappointing. 

Inteleon VMAX:

Inteleon VMAX can hit you for weakness, which means each G-MAX Spiral is going to slap 280 damage onto Flareon VMAX with a single energy attachment. A few Quick Shootings from Baby Inteleon from Chilling Reign, as well as some Double Gunners from Inteleon VMAX, and Flareon VMAX well end up in the Discard Pile. This will spell trouble, as Inteleon VMAX is very fast and Flareon VMAX is rather vulnerable at the start of the game, which is not good at all.


Suicune V: Suicune V is a big threat to this deck, being able to hit for weakness (similar to Inteleon VMAX) and outrade Flareon VMAX. If you get high rolls every turn and hit for 300 every turn, you can obviously take the win, but the moment you hit for only 200 damage, and you do not have a set up board state, you will get swept. There is no denying that Suicune V is very strong, so you will have a really “great” time fighting this deck.


Gengar VMAX: An actually winnable matchup, for both versions that I talked about. Gengar VMAX places a lot of damage counters on itself, which will require only 3 energy discarded by Flareon VMAX to OHKO Gengar VMAX. Oranguru/Switching Cups, and you are good to go, as you only require 2 energy to be discarded, which is not that hard, considering this deck has a lot of energy. In my opinion, this matchup is pretty straightforward: Outrade the opponent and take the game. Just do not over bench Flareon V/VMAX and you can take wins.


Jolteon VMAX: I really do not know how this matchup will play out, but since this deck is seeing rise in play, I decided to mention it. Jolteon VMAX can chip away at your health, and if you are not careful, you will have your active Flareon VMAX and benched Flareon V KOed, leaving you with no attackers. Jolteon VMAX is also a speedy boi, and can attack you early on in the game, while you are still setting up. However, it is quite easy to KO Jolteon VMAX in return, so I would say that you have a chance of winning.


Urshifu VMAX: Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX (RS Urshi for short) is also a threat to Flareon VMAX. Similar to Jolteon VMAX, this deck will flop when all Flareon VMAX are taken out. However, I need to mention that if you can out damage the opponent, and get high rolls, you will be unstoppable. The opponent may not have enough time to recover as you take Prizes. Same goes for any other deck. RS Urshi seems less threatening in my opinion, which can easily allow you to take wins. 




There's nothing much for me to say, I mean, it's a really strong deck that requires quite a bit of set up. It is personally one of my favourite non-meta decks (Is that a term?), as it provides the power and the adrenaline pumping as you wait for those cards from your deck to flip over and hopefully reveal some energy to deal big damage. I feel like playing this deck for a while, it really seems smooth, unless you brick (which is very VERY likely). Otherwise, I have nothing else to say, except that it may be considered budget…? Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this article. I’m back to writing long articles (but maybe not for long… My jokes are bad…) and I have some really nice deck ideas that are coming up soon, but first, you will have to probably sit through Glaceon VMAX, which I regret writing (you will see why). Feel free to make your own variations and good luck playing it. I hope you have a great morning, afternoon, evening, wherever you are, and I will catch you in the next article. BYE! <3







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