Early Physical Look at Full-Art and Illustration Rare Miraidon ex!

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Image Source: Official Website of Pokemon

Pokemon officially revealed Full-Art and Illustration Rare/Alternate Art of Miraidon ex physically in their Instagram Story post. As you may know, both Miraidon ex cards will be included in the upcoming Scarlet & Violet set which will be released on March 31, 2023, and will have over 190 cards. So far, we already have an official reveal about the new silver border and a leak regarding the new pattern for a reverse holo.


First, let’s take a look at the regular Full-Art Miraidon ex. 

The video was reposted from the Official Instagram Account of Pokemon TCG

If you look carefully, it still has quite a similar artwork to the regular Full-Art from the Sword & Shield era but this time we get more ‘blink’ effect on Miraidon ex in the background. However, this effect is not applied to all Full-Art Pokemon ex as some of the cards still have their own effect corresponding to each Pokemon. You can see all of the Scarlet ex and Violet ex Secret Rare cards here:


As for the quality, sadly we will have the same quality as the Sword and Shield cards where they are still (in my opinion) worse than the Japanese cards. I will give a simple comparison here between the English cards, Indonesian cards (Japanese production), and Japanese cards.


From Left to Right: English, Indonesian, Japanese


Even though the lighting is quite different, you can see that the texture within the cards is very different between Japanese production and International production. Somehow, we still get the less embossed texture for the cards where I think this is due to how many cards will be printed for the market. But still, I’m still hoping that we will have the same card quality as Japan in the future because even only touching them is so different in terms of quality. 


Then we look at the Illustration Rare or Alternate Art Miraidon ex. Yes, the card is so stunning even by just looking at the digital image the card still looks so good. 

The video was reposted from the Official Instagram Account of Pokemon TCG


However, let's look into the comparison between the 3 cards and see whether the English card has a very noticeable difference.


From Left to Right: English, Indonesian, Japanese

The same with the Full-Art Miraidon ex, the card texture is still very different compared to the Japanese production cards. But once again, this may due to different lighting and technique when taking the picture/video. Yet still, because this is an Illustration Rare card and the highest rarity that you can get from the card besides Gold rarity, people will take it anytime any day. It’s just a downer that we don’t get the same quality as Japan. 

What do you guys think of these 2 Secret Rare cards? Will you be able to pull it in 1 Booster Box? Or do you want to pull it in the Pre-Release event? One thing is for sure, Illustration Rare Miraidon ex will be a chase card for many people. 


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