All Full Art Supporters & Golden VSTAR from VSTAR Universe! Superb ending for Sword & Shield!

Here is the complete list of the Full Art Supporters and Golden Pokemon VSTAR cards from S12a ‘VSTAR Universe’ Japan!


One thing that you need to remember is that some of these images are real-life images. Colors may be different slightly. 


Some of the supporter cards have Secret Rare rarity and some of them have Special Art Rare rarity. But overall, the treatment is similar and only differs in terms of rarity. The Golden VSTAR cards will have UR rarity which means Ultra Rare. The treatment is quite different from the regular UR VSTAR cards where now it will feature artwork instead of the ‘regular’ SR treatment covered by the golden treatment. 


For a quick reminder, English Set ‘Crown Zenith’ will be having 70 cards with special artwork in the Galarian Gallery subset. This may be a reference to AR and SAR cards in the Japanese set S12a ‘VSTAR Universe’ but not all of them may be included.

Make sure to pay the lowest price that is near the MSRP if you want to buy these Booster Boxes. The set often takes a week to a month to reach Europe or the United States.


You can also try to buy singles from these Japanese websites:

  • Yuyutei (

  • Mercari (, you can also try Buyee and access Mercari from there

  • Yahoo! Auctions Japan (


See the full card list of S12a 'VSTAR Universe' here:


Here is the complete list:

Colress's Experiment






Cynthia's Ambition


Cheren's Care




Gardenia's Vigor




Elesa's Sparkle

Friends in Sinnoh

Professor's Research


Friends in Hisui

Boss's Orders



And here is the Golden/UR VSTAR cards:

Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR


Origin Forme Dialga VSTAR


Giratina VSTAR


Arceus VSTAR



What do you guys think of these cards? I’m lost for words. The supporter cards are very cool looking and it allows us some opportunity to have a full-art supporter in case we miss the original full-art cards. Also, those UR or Golden VSTAR cards are just out of this world. Akira really did a very amazing job. I hope that we will get these in Crown Zenith!


Also check the Art Rare and Special Art Rare cards here:


Comment down below to share your thoughts!


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