2022 Latin America International Championships Result!

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The 2022 Latin America International Championships has just finished and almost all of the top competitors were sharing the decklist they used to compete in the event. As you guys may know, this event was held on November 25-27, 2022, in São Paulo, Brazil. 


Here is the deck spread for the Top 16 of this tournament:


Here is the list of the top 16 of the 2022 Latin America International Championships: 

Thanks to Tablemon for the Top 8 decklists! 


Lugia VSTAR/Archeops

Tord Reklev (@TordReklev)


Lugia VSTAR/Archeops

Lucas Calzà (@Lucas_in_Hoenn)


Lost Zone Kyogre

Grant Manley (@Tricroar)

Lugia VSTAR/Archeops

Jon Eng (@Jonner909)


Yveltal/Eldegoss V Control

Sander Wojcik (@SanderWojcik)

Lugia VSTAR/Archeops

Pedro Pertusi (@PedroPertusi)

Lugia VSTAR/Archeops

Ciaran Farah (@ciaran_tcg)

Lugia VSTAR/Archeops

Agustín Campo

No Decklist Available Yet 

TOP 16

Lugia VSTAR/Archeops

Bryan de Vries (@BryandeVriestcg)

Lugia VSTAR/Archeops

Eder Jarillo (@BraveBirds_gg)

Lugia VSTAR/Archeops

Isaiah Bradner (@IsaiahBradner)


Ryan Antonucci (@RyanHecarim)

Lugia VSTAR/Archeops

Yerco Valencia (@GalvezYerco)

Lugia VSTAR/Archeops

Corey Godfrey

Lost Zone Kyogre

Azul Garcia Griego (@Azul_GG)

Lugia VSTAR/Archeops

Julius Brunfeldt (@Julius07142873)

Lugia VSTAR just dominated the game completely. Counter decks seem to be not that popular because of how consistent and strong Lugia VSTAR is. I really hope that we see more variation going to the Toronto Regionals. Let’s see how things go in Toronto!


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