Only 151 deck ideas

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OPLeonardo Antunes 2 weeks ago

Hi, recently I bought the 151 series and some trainers cards in order to build seven decks using only the first generation Pokémon and just the today standard trainer cards. My ideia is make these decks to play with my cousins, causally, at home, for fun. So I'm using cheap trainers, to slow dawn the pace and turn easy to relearn.

I'm having some difficulty to build the Arbok Ex and the Alakazam Ex, but I ask for help to build all these decks. They are:

Venosaur Ex 

Blastoise Ex

Charizard Ex

Zapdos Ex

Arbok Ex

Alakazam Ex 

Golem Ex 

Some of you can help me? Thanks! 

Starmie23 2 weeks ago

I'd be happy to help! Could you give me a rough idea of the card options?

OPLeonardo Antunes 1 week ago

Thank you!

On Trainers cards I prefer don't use cards like Buddy-Buddy Poffin, Iono, Arven, Superior Energy Retrieval, Ace Specs and all, but the low cost versions of some of these, like Jacques and Clavell, for exemple. 

Main trainer cards, common in all decks, i'm putting: Ultraball, Clavell, Boss Order, Nest Ball, Rare Candy, Nemona, Jacques, Pal Pad, Pokeguear, Substitution, Professor's Reseach, Giovanni's Charisma, Bill's Transfer... 

Some of trainers cards appears only in especific archetypal deck. Big Air Balloon, Gardenia's Vigor and Saguaro in Venosaur ex, Magma Basin and Candela, etc in Charizard Ex, Rock Chestplate, Lake Acuityu , etc in Golex Ex, so on. There are especific trainer cards for these especific archetypes. 


On Pokémon Cards, i'm using only 151 series pokémon.

I'm think abount make the Alakazam and Arbok unique deck, for balance.


On Energy Cards i'm putting 13 energies, more or less.

Starmie23 1 week ago

OK i will help in a minute