Troll deck idea?

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OPTrollDeckKing 2 months ago

Would it be possible to make a meme deck with Lickitung from 151 and Houndoom ex from OBF? Suggestions appreciated.

AntBoy268 1 month ago

That's actually a very good deck base! I recommend Chien-Pao ex (Paldea Evolved) since it's ability lets you take as much Energy as you want, and Hail blade does more damage for every energy attached.

Overall, a good idea, and if you can find more cards like that it will really benefit your deck (and you!). I hope this helped! :)

AntBoy268 4 weeks ago

Also Mew ex with Genome Hacking (which steals your opponent's moves) is an amazing meme card as if your opponent has a good attack... They're screwed. When I first saw this card I laughed so much

Mysterio 6 days ago

I recently put together a deck that has four Lickitung from 151, filled the other spots with prizes and tried to get a small energy draw engine going and used it as a stall deck, it worked pretty well, I played it four times and it won three simply by stalling my opposition. I'll upload it here and reply with the link once it's done, it's not perfect but could be a good base for you.