Scarlet&Violet Prerelease Promo Picks

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OPOctowen 1 year ago

So the Scarlet&Violet Prerelease Build&Battle event happens this weekend. But which promo does everyone want?

"Each Build & Battle Box includes four Scarlet & Violet booster packs and a 40-card ready-to-play deck featuring key cards from the new set, as well as one of four unique foil promo cards to boost your Prerelease deck. Depending on which promo card you get, you could add the high-energy Quaquaval, electrifying Pawmot, scrappy Hawlucha, or rambunctious Revavroom. Whichever promo you do end up with, it will certainly shape your Prerelease strategy!"



You've got Quaquaval, with tanky HP, versatile energy acceleration, and an attack that can one-hit kill all the Prerelease Promos, except another Quaqauvel.


You've got Pawmot, with not much HP, a weakness to Hawlucha, reliable but slow energy accelertation, and an attack that one-hit kills everything you'll see at these tournaments except an ex--and it'll slay some of those too.


You've got Hawlucha, with Galarian Zigzagoon properties, an attack that will only OHKO Pawmot (and another Hawlucha) that still costs three energy, but is a basic, but has plenty of dead-draw potential.


And you've got Revavroom, with an intiresting spin on Bibarel's Industrious Incisors Ability, a high attack cost, just a small enough amount of health to get two-hit-killed by Hawlucha, a big energy cost, and an attack that will one hit kill Hawlucha, and maybe everyone else, too...depending on a coin flip.

In my opinion, I would rank them like this:

1: Quaquaval, because of its added energy attachment versatility (it doesn't just have to attach to itself)
2: Pawmot, becasue of its consisten energy attachment (it grabs from the deck)
3: Revavroom, becasue it can get you a fresh hand, and deals heavy damage (although it has a high energy cost)
4: Hawluch, becasue a 70 HP basic with a 70 damage attack, compared to these heavy hitters, is out of the game (yes, it can do Flying Entry, but that's not going anywhere unless you also pull Gyarados ex, at which point you've kind of already won.

So I'd take Quaquavel. But tell me what you think! And why I'm wrong about Hawlucha. Please. I want to be wrong about Hawlucha, or at least not pull it.

SantaBranscum 1 year ago

Hawlucha could be a solid add if you have your main pokemon with attacks that do more per damage counter. Like Crabominable V. 

Quaquaval and Pawmot will be stable in alot of decks. You essentially get 2 energys attaches, to any pokemon and it doesn't end your turn..


Playing it right you could add 3-4 energys per turn. With Quaquaval also being able to do damage, have higher hp, and decent retreat cost.


OPOctowen 1 year ago

I agree. I went to a prerelease last Saturday and I got Revavroom, who isn't great within the prerelease because it only came with 2 Revraroom and 1 Varoom, and I didn't pull another Varoom, so I never actually got to use it.

My sibling got Pawmot and won the Juniors division.

Quaquavel seemed to fare well.

Didn't see too much Hawlucha, but it seemed to do ok.