Scarlet&Violet Errata Changes: Happy or not?

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OPOctowen 1 week ago

What does everyone think of the ScVi errata change that makes Tool cards different from item cards? In your opinion, is it a good thing, a bad thing, an annoying thing, or something no one will notice? or something else?

Really, feel free to reply with any opinions on ScVi in general, including Booster Pack prices, the ex mechanic, or anything relatively relevant.

I want to keep the thread inclusive, so I won't be saying my view just yet, just so people don't feel bad disagreeing, but I might voice it in future.

Spotty12 1 week ago

Makes a lot of cards worse- skyla, irida, order pad, pokestop, ect... change doesn't mesh well with old cards, and disrupts expanded. It also messes up standard, at least until standard is fully scarlet and violet sets. I don't think the change was necessary, but maybe in the future it will be. For now however, I don't think the change is a good thing.

Does this mean there is going to be broken tool cards printed? X/Y item meta, Sun/Moon ability meta, Sword/Sheild high damage meta, Scarlet/Violet tool card meta???

OPOctowen 1 week ago

I like that OP tools theory. Skyla should still work though because it can grab any kind of trainer and I think tools are still trainers just not items. But yeah Irida will be weird.

lobsterpaw 17 hours ago

i sure hope there's an OP tool meta. i can't wait to use crown zenith luxio. 1 electric energy, 90 damage to all enemy pokes w tool attached.