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OPSpotty 2 weeks ago

With the large amount of power creep with sword and shield and soon- even scarlet and violet, I think that Pokemon BREAK should be legalized (potentially with exceptions) for GLC. Pokemon BREAK have about the same amount of health as swsh stage two's, while having less damage output. Some of the abilitys would be really good, but overall they are balanced. Maybe you could limit it to one BREAK per deck or somthing, and ban cards accordingly, but the vast majority of BREAKS are not better than normal swsh cards at this point, and it could mix up the meta. Because a lot of BREAKS are stage 4s, they would be exponentially slower, balancing them out.


If BREAKS were allowed, you could do stuff like Delphox BREAK with Delphox from XY base set in your fire deck, making fire way more viable.


However machamp BREAK could be an issue.

Octowen 1 week ago

Ok I agree, I think that because you could only have one of the break, it wouldn't get too out of hand. But Machamp Break could be an issue, and Bronzong and Ninetales could get out of hand, especially Bronzong. But I like the idea, although it's a major breach in the "no-rulebox" rule.

OPSpotty 1 week ago

At this point, can breaks even be considered rulebox? They don't have outrageous health stats, are single prize, and are incredibly slow in most scenarios.

But yeah the Bronzong and others could be a little broken, but allowing everyone to have BREAKs balances it, or you could even go so far to treat them like prism stars, with only allowing one break per deck, like the commander format in MTG.

Octowen 6 days ago

That's true. I mean, they're still technically rule-box, because they have a rule box, but like, come on. They evolve from non rule-box, so just let us use them in GLC.