Unable to build deck for an alternate format

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OPmmxxiii 1 month ago

I really like the deckbuilder interface, but it enforces deck restrictions that don't apply to a format I often play (Partner Battles), which is a 100 card deck, and you aren't limited to 4 pokemon of the same name.

I'm not asking you to add any custom format restrictions, but if there were a way to bypass the regular restrictions, that would be useful to me (and a small number of others who play the format).


Supersleuth94 1 month ago

An additional thing I noticed as far as restrictions go, to piggy back off you, is that the deck builder also doesn't allow for certain versions of cards to be added to your deck based on the format you're building. While building a Standard deck today, I was unable to use the Secret rare version of Escape Rope from Burning Shadows, even though Escape Rope is currently legal in Standard. I was given an error stating that one or more cards in my deck were not legal for the format. I'm not sure if it's a bug with that card specifically though, because I did notice it would allow me to select other older versions when Standard was set as my format filter.