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OPTandemTCG 2 weeks ago

Hey there, Genesis! You never fail to impress me with how swift you have changed the site for a better experience by users!
This time, I thought about an idea where, in the deck search area, you can sort decks randomly or have a random button for a random deck.

Thanks in advance!

Genesis 2 weeks ago

Heya! Thanks for the kind words!

Regarding the points:

1st: I can definitely make a "Random" sort option for decks but the following needs to be considered - We cache all of our search results server side for X amount of time. This makes subsequent lookups much faster. So when a user sorts the decks randomly, they will randomly sort and then cache. This means sort by random will give the same results until the server cache expires for it. This isn't ideal and kind of goes against the "Random" label. I could potentially disable caching when sort random is selected but this could potentially hinder performance so I will need to think about it  a bit more.

2nd: A random button for a random deck can be done for sure. I will look into seeing where a button like this could fit nicely on the site. 

OPTandemTCG 2 weeks ago

If I may suggest, what about next to the, "Search decks/ reset filters" buttons on the deck search page?

Genesis 1 week ago

I've now added a Random Deck button to the top navigation bar of the website!