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OPGreatEscapeRope 2 weeks ago

I enjoy using the card database to find images of older cards to share and the depth of the text search to find specific cards; however, I noticed that Stadiums are missing their own Sub-Type unlike Supporters and Items. This makes it hard to search for specific stadiums by effect rather than their names. Is there any chance that this sub-type can be added to the filter criteria?


I also wanted to leave this thread as a more general topic about the card database in case there are other major filter types that are missing in case I am missing any.


Nevertheless, thank you Genesis for the work you have put into the site!

Genesis 2 weeks ago

Hi there! Thank you for the kind words on the website! I really appreciate it.

I will look into modifying the database to allow for Stadium sub-type which can then be added to the search. 


Genesis 2 weeks ago

Stadium has now been added as a subtype to the Card Database/Deck Builder search filter!

OPGreatEscapeRope 2 weeks ago

That was fast work, thank you!