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Can you please help with these robots?

So basically half of the forums are advertisements, could you find a way to make them stop? They're getting kind of annoying.

Starmie23 replied 2 days ago

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(SUGGESTION) New Expanded Format

For those who don't know, Pokemon LIVE's expandded format inly goes back to the SM sets, and not the BW sets like O's. I'm not saying that the current expanded format sort should be removed or chan

CountyGibbon798 replied 1 week ago

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GLC Deck Won't Upload Due

Try using a different basic energy. Perhaps the site doesn't like the SV one?

domotoro replied 1 week ago

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ACE SPEC Sub-Category

Exactly what's on the tin. With the re-addition of ACE SPEC cards, I think that they deserve their own sub-category in the card database. As someone who doesn't know all of the original ACE SPEC ca

CountyGibbon798 replied 2 weeks ago

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Downloaded deck images don't show all cards

I really need to download a deck image of mine  but whenever I export it on my phone, some cards are missing, can anyone help me?

ReubenTheRBlazer replied 3 weeks ago

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Most posts don't work

You may need to sign in or enable adds on the site.

Adamantite replied 4 weeks ago

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Restriction list

The restriction list is not up to date since technically neaither of the cards that are banned in the standard format section are in standard format. You may want to consider updating that list sin

Adamantite replied 1 month ago

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Feature Suggestion - Deck Collection Tracking

One of the biggest struggles I have had with managing my Pokémon card collection has been tracking down what cards I own and what cards are currently in decks. I would love to be able to tra

Qolton replied 1 month ago

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Top cards - Standard

The top cards standard deck page (maybe other standard pages) needs to be updated for D card rotation. Scoop up beer is showing as top standard currently.

cahill replied 1 month ago

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Export Data

Pressing Export data doesnt do anything

Rubberducky replied 1 month ago

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