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Viewing Private Decks? Banned Cards? By Sallysnaglepuss - 1 month ago 286With deck's being private, is it possible to not see them within deck list's? When someone makes a deck public, we can all see it, no problem. When someone makes a deck private, they still show up,1 week ago6
Removing cards bug By tunabread - 2 weeks ago 165wiedemnm: I am having a similar issue. I am unable to remove any trainer card. No issues r1 week ago4
having Trouble Updating/Editing a Deck By wiedemnm - 3 weeks ago 329Thanks for the quick fix! I am able to update decks now.3 weeks ago4
Deck builder By Stormblessed - 1 month ago 170Once logged in, simply press the "Submit Deck" button that is under the deck building area. 1 month ago2
Battles! By Gym Leader Autumn - 2 months ago 254Genesis: Heya. I don't think this would be possible to implement on the site without proba1 month ago4
Could we get Japanese Sets? (Pack Sim) By souplmao - 2 months ago 236Would be cool if we can get Japanese sets on the Pack Simulator since most Japanese sets come out first. Obviously, we are gonna need translations such as the name of the card under the picture of 2 months ago1
Follow Up to Missing Promos By TandemTCG - 2 months ago 179Hey there! The site is missing some promos, and I wanted to know if they would be added soon. I know the following are missing, don't think there are any more, correct me otherwise: - Specia2 months ago1
Reverse + Energy Cards By Lileater - 2 months ago 237On Pack Simulator, Sorry I didnt specify2 months ago3
Reversed Holo's By Winja046 - 2 months ago 163Is there any option to add reversed holo's to the card simulator? i have pulled a few of the newer sets but never came across a reversed holo, to wich in RL they are quite common in packs2 months ago1
Couple Ideas for pack sim By TTVLileater87 - 7 months ago 266I really want them to add #32 months ago2