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Deck visible on my profile but can't open it By Simone21 - 18 hours ago 21I recently made an account, love this website! However, I submitted a deck but I can't seem to find it. On my account page it says "Deck uploaded: 1" but once I click on it I see a "No D18 hours ago1
Manual Updates on Export to TCGPlayer for Certain Cards By ninin - 1 month ago 241some edits you have to make manually to TCGPlayer's Mass Entry tool for the following cards:   Horror Psychic Energy [swsh02] -> Horror P Energy [swsh02] Marnie [swsh351 month ago1
Upload Profile Image Error By Buy1RockGet1Free - 1 month ago 258Hello! I'm signed in and trying to update my Profile Image and I'm getting the error, " 1 month ago1
Collection Export Data issue By strix110 - 1 month ago 292I'm having the same issue too1 month ago2
Deck builder By Stormblessed - 5 months ago 370Hi, Thanks for building an amazing page,  so cool to see all the cards here indexed and sortable.  I first tried to build a deck while not logged in,  oops!  then after creating2 months ago3
Grid View in Deck Builder Resolution Seems Blurry By Buy1RockGet1Free - 3 months ago 327First off - thank you so much for the prompt reply!! I really appreciate that you're so invested in what you've built and take the time and effort to maintain it to make it as user-friendly as poss3 months ago3
missing save card button By Mommabear - 3 months ago 552This is back now!3 months ago3
Viewing Private Decks? Banned Cards? By Sallysnaglepuss - 5 months ago 625I agree, I always refresh not once but twice before searching decks, I learned quickly that you have to refresh the page in order to see the most recent decks that have been submitted. Appreciate y4 months ago8
Removing cards bug By tunabread - 5 months ago 947wiedemnm: I am having a similar issue. I am unable to remove any trainer card. No issues r5 months ago4
having Trouble Updating/Editing a Deck By wiedemnm - 5 months ago 623Thanks for the quick fix! I am able to update decks now.5 months ago4