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auto open By ZZMANMAN - 5 months ago 229hello again it has been a while since I asked for that auto open and I just want to thank you for adding it2 hours ago4
Can't publish on mobile By Macke - 1 day ago 63I'm using safari. day ago3
Please add better deck sorting By Macke - 1 day ago 29I'm aware that it's hard to implement, but it would be nice if decks were sorted more clearly. For example, put the different pokemon lines next to each other and put the line with the most 1 day ago1
Card collection need total cards By MoMo Summer - 1 week ago 62This has now been added to the bottom of the collection table1 week ago2
they need to add a standard/expanded filter By Cpyroo - 1 week ago 85title says it all1 week ago1
Cards in the wrong sets. By a_person73 - 1 week ago 68I don't know if this is a problem in more than one set, but i got a shining mewtwo gx in a shining fates pack, so this could be something to look into.1 week ago1
Couple Ideas for pack sim By TTVLileater87 - 2 weeks ago 711. Can you pls Update Shining Fates and Hidden Fates by adding shinys 2. (Question) When is Celebrations pack comingin pack sim so i can mark my calendar 3. Can you create a gamemode 2 weeks ago1
Comments By possiblyphoton - 1 month ago 195Not everyone comments. Unfortunately, it's just the way of things. I'd suggest maybe yourself commenting on the decks other people upload? Once people start to recognize you around the site 1 month ago2
Pack Simulator By Crackin - 1 month ago 171I mean why not keep the old one and perhaps develop this as well on the side1 month ago4
"Test Hand" picks more copies of cards than are in deck By piellama28 - 1 month ago 153Here's the one I tried to paste some pictures from: 1 month ago3