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Card Questions By Stormblessed - 1 month ago 222I found some cards I don't use and one of them was Herdier from Sun and Moon. It has the ability Treasure hunt that lets you put an item card from your discard into your hand when you evolve. Kinda1 week ago4
TALK ABOUT STUFFS LIKE POKEMON CARDS By WHY DO I NEED ONE - 4 months ago 285I've got an Illustrator's Pikachu, a Prerelease riachu, a shadow less base set 1 charizard, the banned naked misty card, and multiple other banned3 weeks ago3
Leafeon VSTAR and Glaceon VSTAR Cards By Jorden Hamilton - 3 months ago 273These should be in now! Although they currently don't have any images as of yet. 2 months ago3
CELEBRATIONS!!!! By E_DOG - 6 months ago 378awsome4 months ago5
Missing Cards from Database By TandemTCG - 4 months ago 239Hey there, I don't want to pressure anyone, if you're working on it, you're working on it. I just wanted to point out that the Special Delivery Charizard and Special Delivery Bidoof aren't i4 months ago1
hi By sebydaboss01 - 10 months ago 388maybe4 months ago3
Charizard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By Monster - 11 months ago 934what pack do you find that in?4 months ago3
Are the pack simulator pull rates boosted? By a_person73 - 7 months ago 424I got 2 Vmax in just 1 pack!5 months ago5
base machamp By the best collecter - 7 months ago 385alright, thanks for letting me know7 months ago3
Collection Cost? By Crackerdileman - 7 months ago 346I can definitely look into potentially adding this! 7 months ago2