2023-10-14 02:08:44
+ 1Bulbasaur (Pokémon GO)+ 2Arven (Scarlet & Violet)+ 1Nest Ball (Scarlet & Violet)+ 1Artazon (Paldea Evolved)+ 3Iono (Paldea Evolved)+ 2Jet Energy (Paldea Evolved)+ 2Pineco (Paldea Evolved)+ 2Forretress ex (Paldea Evolved)+ 8Basic Grass Energy (Scarlet & Violet Energies)+ 2Kricketune (Astral Radiance)+ 1Hisuian Heavy Ball (Astral Radiance)+ 1Kricketot (Astral Radiance)+ 1Radiant Tsareena (Silver Tempest)+ 2Bidoof (Crown Zenith)+ 1Battle VIP Pass (Fusion Strike)+ 2Bibarel (Brilliant Stars)+ 3Boss's Orders (Brilliant Stars)- 9Grass Energy (Gym Heroes)- 2Jacq (Scarlet & Violet)- 2Switch (Scarlet & Violet)- 1Boss’s Orders (Ghetsis) (Paldea Evolved)- 2Calamitous Wasteland (Paldea Evolved)- 1Super Rod (Paldea Evolved)- 2Superior Energy Retrieval (Paldea Evolved)- 1Bulbasaur (151)- 3Basic Water Energy (Scarlet & Violet Energies)- 1Radiant Greninja (Astral Radiance)- 1Forest Seal Stone (Silver Tempest)- 2Gossifleur (Shining Fates)- 2Cherrim (Battle Styles)- 2Eldegoss (Evolving Skies)- 2Cherubi (Brilliant Stars)- 1Lumineon V (Brilliant Stars)- 1Manaphy (Brilliant Stars)

Deck Breakdown

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