2023-11-05 19:49:53
+ 2Nest Ball (Scarlet & Violet)+ 4Counter Catcher (Paradox Rift)+ 1Technical Machine: Evolution (Paradox Rift)+ 4Iron Bundle (Paradox Rift)+ 1Miss Fortune Sisters (Lost Origin)+ 3Gift Energy (Lost Origin)+ 1Level Ball (Battle Styles)- 3Rare Candy (Scarlet & Violet)- 3Basic Fire Energy (Scarlet & Violet Energies)- 1Irida (Astral Radiance)- 2Arezu (Lost Origin)- 2Litwick (Lost Origin)- 1Lampent (Lost Origin)- 2Chandelure (Lost Origin)- 2Boss's Orders (Brilliant Stars)

Deck Breakdown

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