2023-03-26 12:15:28
+ 4Poké Ball (Black & White)+ 1Virizion (Emerging Powers)+ 1Professor Elm's Training Method (Call of Legends)+ 2Grass Energy (Diamond & Pearl)+ 1Pokémon Collector (HeartGold & SoulSilver)+ 1Energy Exchanger (HS—Undaunted)+ 1Black Belt (HS—Triumphant)+ 1Upper Energy (Rising Rivals)+ 1Startling Megaphone (Flashfire)- 3Venipede (Black & White)- 2Whirlipede (Black & White)- 1Scolipede (Black & White)- 1Petilil (Black & White)- 1Scolipede (Emerging Powers)- 1Cilan (Next Destinies)- 3Psychic Energy (Diamond & Pearl)- 1Professor Oak's Visit (Arceus)

Deck Breakdown

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