2023-11-20 09:47:12
+ 1Kyogre (Celebrations)+ 1Pal Pad (Scarlet & Violet)+ 1Super Rod (Paldea Evolved)+ 1Mew ex (151)+ 5Basic Water Energy (Scarlet & Violet Energies)+ 3Basic Lightning Energy (Scarlet & Violet Energies)+ 1Energy Recycler (Battle Styles)- 4Water Energy (Sun & Moon)- 2Lightning Energy (Sun & Moon)- 1Hawlucha (Scarlet & Violet)- 1Hisuian Heavy Ball (Astral Radiance)- 1Forest Seal Stone (Silver Tempest)- 1Sky Seal Stone (Crown Zenith)- 2Klara (Chilling Reign)- 1Manaphy (Brilliant Stars)

Deck Breakdown

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