Dragonite V/Arceus VSTAR (Brilliant Stars)

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Deck Description

Early Brilliant Stars decklist for Arceus VSTAR, paired with Dragonite V. This is an untested draft version of the decklist, so some of the card counts are going to be questionable (suspicious if you like). If you have any constructive feedback, please leave them in the comments section down below, I would really appreciate it :)

The following cards are proxies:
Tapu Lele-GX = Lumineon V
Choice Band = Choice Belt
Double Colourless Energy = Double Turbo Energy
Arceus XY = Arceus V
Arceus Lv. X = Arceus VSTAR

General deck strategy: Going second, use Arceus V to power up a turn 2 Dragonite V. Lumineon + Piers help search out Double Turbo Energy, so that Arceus V can use Trinity Charge on turn 1. Choice Belt + Leon help Dragonite V reach 310 damage, enough to KO a Mew VMAX. Set up the second Dragonite V using Melony if possible. 

Will be writing an article on this deck once testing is completed (hopefully within 2-3 weeks), stay tuned!

EDIT: Updated the decklist! Thanks to everyone who commented for your contributions :)

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