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Deck History

2022-07-01 02:14:55
+ 1Quagsire (Plasma Freeze)+ 1Wooper (Secret Wonders)+ 1Quagsire (Unseen Forces)+ 1Wooper (HeartGold & SoulSilver)+ 1Mudkip (Supreme Victors)+ 1Mudkip (POP Series 4)+ 4Water Energy (Sun & Moon)+ 1Mallow & Lana (Cosmic Eclipse)+ 2Aqua Patch (Guardians Rising)+ 2Lillie (Ultra Prism)+ 1Swampert (Celestial Storm)+ 1Ordinary Rod (Sword & Shield)+ 1Galarian Zapdos V (Astral Radiance Trainer Gallery)+ 2Stone Fighting Energy (Vivid Voltage)+ 1Level Ball (Battle Styles)+ 2Marshtomp (Fusion Strike)+ 1Swampert (Fusion Strike)+ 1Cynthia's Ambition (Brilliant Stars)+ 3Pot Helmet (Brilliant Stars)+ 1Lumineon V (Brilliant Stars)+ 1Mudkip (Primal Clash)- 2Cosmog (Celebrations)- 2Cosmoem (Celebrations)- 2Solgaleo (Celebrations)- 6Metal Energy (Sun & Moon)- 2Professor Oak's Setup (Cosmic Eclipse)- 1Guzma (Burning Shadows)- 1Swablu (Dragon Majesty)- 2Zinnia (Dragon Majesty)- 1Brock's Grit (Team Up)- 1Jasmine (Team Up)- 1Viridian Forest (Team Up)- 1Evolution Incense (Sword & Shield)- 2Aurora Energy (Sword & Shield)- 1Bronzor (Astral Radiance)- 1Adaman (Astral Radiance)- 1Bronzong (Battle Styles)- 2Altaria (Evolving Skies)- 1Swablu (BREAKthrough)

Deck Breakdown

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