Rapid Strike/Inteleon

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Deck Description

this is the 60 card list i used to win the 64 player sunny #8 tournament winning a mirror match in the finals! (  https://play.limitlesstcg.com/tournament/60ee4e1c5d4b8f0ad7f383bb/standings  ) now one thing to note is that the youtube link i included is to the same archetype but a different 60. i personally think that this deck is the most fun deck to play, and with the fall of lucmetal is arguably the bdif, at least a top 3 deck for sure imo. cards i would consider playing would be telescopic sight, path to the peak and hoopa. cuttable cards incase any of those seem intriguing are karate belt, martial arts dojo, the 4th urshifu v, cheryl, and the 4th drizzile. i hope you enjoy this deck and if you have any questions email me at [email protected]

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