Zacian V/Lycanroc VMAX deck: Ultimate Doggo!

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Hi guys, welcome to! In today’s article, I’m going to talk about a very unique deck that I discover in one of the Japanese store’s daily tournaments. I adjust it a bit because their format is a bit different from ours. It’s Zacian V/Lycanroc VMAX!


Here’s an example of the deck:

This is just an example, if the deck didn’t work for you, you can try to experiment with it yourself and get comfortable with it.

Zacian V

This is your main attacker and engine. With the help of Rusted Sword, you can basically knock every V Pokemon out there (without any tools attached or HP boost) and you can leave your opponent’s VMAX Pokemon HP with around 60HP left. 


Then, Intrepid Sword is going to be the drawer engine of this deck. It can also become the accelerator because you can attach any Metal Energy you found. But you need to be careful because Mew VMAX can easily knock you out even in the first turn.


Zacian V can also knock Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX and the upcoming Whimsicott VSTAR because of their weakness to metal. You can take it as your advantage to easily grab prize cards.


Lycanroc VMAX

This is the fun part of this deck. By using its first attack, you can knock any Pokemon that’s left with 60HP or less. This comes in handy because if you calculate carefully, Zacian V damage (with Rusted Sword) will leave the opponent’s VMAX Pokemon with around 60HP. You can take this opportunity to knock the opponent’s VMAX Pokemon.


Other things that can come in handy by using Lycanroc VMAX’s first attack is you can knock some engine’s basic Pokemon like Sobble, Remoraid, Minccino, and Mareep. This will buy you some time while the opponent is having a hard time because their engine’s constantly being targeted.


Also, because some of the Basic Pokemon out there have 70HP, you can use Galarian Zigzagoon to add 10 damage to make sure you are in the 60HP range.


Its weakness is Grass-type, the only grass deck that’s popular in the meta right now is Leafeon VMAX. But looking at your retreat cost, you may survive a single turn if you combine your Lycanroc VMAX with Air Balloon.


Professor’s Research is my go-to draw Supporter because not only it gives me 7 fresh cards, it also gives me the chance to discard Metal Energy to activate Metal Saucer effect.


My choice of searcher cards is the standard one, in the next set you can swap Great Ball for Ultra Ball. Even you can have no Evolution Incense at all if you dare to take the risk. 


Because I want to maximize Zacian V’s Brave Blade and Lycanroc VMAX’s Hunting Claw, I bring Bird Keeper, Escape Rope, and Switch as my switching cards. I also bring Spikemuth to maximize the damage output. But remember, Spikemuth only activates when it’s their turn and you also can suffer damage if it's your turn.


Metal Saucer is a must because we want a turn 2 or even turn 1 attack with Zacian V.


Rusted Sword to maximize Zacian V attack. You may want to find this card quickly because if you can’t put big damage on the opponent, you may have a hard time because Lycanroc VMAX first attack can’t activate.


Because we play 2-type energy, I bring Energy Search to make sure I have the right energy in my hand all the time. 


Other than that, maybe you can try to use the Inteleon line to make sure you have the right amount of damage when attacking with Lycanroc VMAX.




With its unique attack and setup, Mew VMAX and other VMAX Pokemon that have HP less than 320HP are in the range of this deck. But with this kind of deck, setting the board may be a challenge because Intrepid Sword only gives you 3 cards and you may not hit the cards that you want. 


With Fire and Grass weakness, this deck has quite the upper hand because those 2 types are not having the best time in the format right now. But because Zacian V is a V Pokemon, it is still in the range of OHKO of many Pokemon.


Eternatus VMAX for me is the hardest opponent yet, its 340HP is very high even when I'm combining Zacian V and Gal. Zigzagoon, I can't still knock it out. My way of dealing with it is to target their V Pokemon and go for the 2-2-2 Prize scheme. You can also charge your Lycanroc VMAX and go for Eternatus VMAX since it is weak to Fighting-type but because I bring more Metal Energy than Fighting Energy, charging it may be a bit challenging.


There’s also a problem where you cannot find any Rusted Sword so you may want to attack with Zacian V twice. Even though it is a knockout, you are risking your Zacian V because it can be knocked the next turn by your opponent when you’re leaving it in the active. You may want to improvise by using Lycanroc VMAX to tank a bit of damage.


But, this deck is very fun to play. In my experience, I can make my opponent very annoyed because, in every single turn, I knock their Sobble out by attacking with Lycanroc VMAX. Then I just finish the opponent with Zacian V. It’s very fun!


So what do you guys think? This is a very unique deck, not every scenario is working with this deck. But, because of Inteleon line, Cinccino line, and Rapid Strike Malamar Deck is quite popular, you may want to consider this deck as your secondary deck. You can make your opponent think very hard because you knock on their engine all the time.


Comment down below to share your thoughts!


Stay safe and healthy! - Arelios

There may be some mistakes and missing points of review in this writing. Please kindly comment to share your correction and point of view too.

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