The new TCG expansion ‘Paradox Rift’ is now live on! Meet Future and Ancient Paradox Pokemon in Paradox Rift!

Find your way through the Paldea Region and travel to the future to meet Future Paradox Pokemon such as Iron Hands, Iron  Valiants, and Iron Jugulis. Or maybe reminisce the past by meeting Ancient Paradox Pokemon such as Roaring Moon, Sandy Shocks, and Brute Bonnet? now includes the newly released set, Paradox Rift (PAR). This set includes Pokemon cards from the Japanese SV4K ‘Ancient Roar’, SV4M ‘Future Flash’, and SV3a ‘Raging Surf’. In this set, you will be introduced to a new mechanic called the Ancient/Future mechanic. This mechanic is quite similar to Rapid Strike/Single Strike where certain Pokemon will have a mark on them and some Trainer cards working around them. In Paradox Rift, the Future Paradox Pokemon and Ancient Paradox Pokemon are the ones that will get that mechanic respectively while also having some supporting Trainer cards. 




You can see the set list of the Paradox Rift (PAR) expansion here:

Paradox Rift (PAR) Set List


We hope you all enjoy this new set! As always, if you encounter any issue please report it on our forums.


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