The new TCG expansion ‘Paldean Fates’ is now live on! Let the shiny hunt begin!

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Find your way through the Paldea Region and hunt for shiny Pokemon! now includes the newly released set, Paldean Fates (PAF). This set includes notable cards from the previous sets such as Iono, Charizard ex, Gardevoir ex, and Chien-Pao ex. In this set, you will not only meet the regular Pokemon cards but you will meet their shiny counterparts while also having the chance to get an all-new artwork of Special Illustration Rare for some Pokemon. 

Shiny Charmander


Shiny Gardevoir ex


Special Illustration Rare Charizard ex

Special Illustration Rare Iono



You can see the set list of the Paradox Rift (PAR) expansion here:

Paldean Fates (PAF) Set List


We hope you all enjoy this new set! As always, if you encounter any issue please report it on our forums.


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