Steelix, Camerupt, and Others Revealed from Pokemon GO set!

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Steelix evoline, Camerupt evoline, Lunatone, and Solrock are revealed from the next Pokemon GO collection was announced by Pokemon Card Game Japan. This set will be released on June 17, 2022, in Japan and all TPC countries, and on July 1, 2022, in TPCi countries.


As you may know, this set included a new amusing gimmick in which you can peel a card. The card will have a Ditto mark on the bottom left corner that you can peel off to reveal the true Ditto card.


The TPC set will include 71 cards, while the TPCi set will have 78 cards.


Here are the new cards:

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P - Cycle Draw

Discard a card from your hand, and draw 3 cards.


CCC - Moon Kinesis 30+

This attack does 30 more damage for each Psychic Energy attached to this Pokémon.



Ability - Sun Energy

Once during your turn, you may attach a Psychic Energy from your discard pile to 1 of your Lunatone in play.


FC - Spinning Attack 50


RC - Split Bomb 

This attack does 50 damage to 2 of your opponent’s Benched Pokémon. (Don't apply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokémon.)


RRC - Heat Blast 120


RC - Tackle 20


RRC - Stomp 50+

Flip a coin. If heads, this attack does 50 more damage.




CCC - Body Slam 70

Flip a coin. If heads, the Defending Pokémon is now Paralyzed.


MCCC - Iron Buster 170

This Pokémon can't attack during your next turn.


CCC - Rock Tomb 50

The Defending Pokémon can't retreat during your opponent's next turn.


FFCC - Super Swing 50x

This attack does 50 damage for each damage counter on this Pokémon.

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There are leaks about Mewtwo V Alternate Art, Dragonite VSTAR, Trio Kanto Starter, Radiant Charizard, and Radiant Blastoise. But because it is from an unofficial reveal (mostly photos and not digital images), I won’t be posting it in case they are fake.


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News Source: Official YouTube Channel of Pokemon Card Game Japan (【公式】ポケモンカードチャンネル)

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