Seviper Deck: Twisted Tail!

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Today I’m going to talk about a very fun deck that has seen quite a play in Japan a while back. It’s Seviper Single Strike deck! This decklist is from [ポケ神チャンネル] YouTube channel.


Here’s an example of the deck:

This is just an example, if the deck didn’t work for you, you can try to experiment with it yourself and get comfortable with it.

Deck Overview

You will mainly rely on Seviper’s attack and power it up by using Houndoom. Also to make its effect running, I only play Single Strike Supporter.


The deck revolves around Seviper. You can dish out 180 damage if the requirement is met and it’s still not calculating the Single Strike Energy. You can OHKO Mew VMAX and other Dark Type weakness decks. Also, you can 2-turn knockout any VMAX Pokemon.


The drawback of this deck is that the attack cost is somewhat high. But by using the Houndoom line we can fulfill its attack cost.





Houndoom Line

I think almost all of the Single Strike deck out there brings the Houndoom line as their engine. So I think it’s no more of a question why this deck is utilizing the Houndoom line.


You can also use Houndoom to attack because Single Strike Energy can boost your damage. Even you can use this to knock some non-V Pokemon like Meloetta or Inteleon line.






Because the current meta is filled with Mew VMAX, there will also be plenty of decks that try to counter it by using Dark Type Pokemon. That’s where Stonjourner can be your attacker. You can OHKO some of the Dark Type Pokemon out there if you calculate your damage carefully. With only 2 Single Strike Energy, you can knock Gengar VMAX [(120+40)x2=320], and with 3 Single Strike Energy, you can knock Eternatus VMAX with it [(120+60)x2=360]. Nice!







I think Bruno is a must in this deck especially when you are likely to be knocked every turn. You can try to bring Marnie or Professor’s Research in case you are more comfortable playing it.


Karen’s Conviction is our second supporter. You can OHKO some Pokemon in the late game by playing this card. Because you can use Tower of Darkness for draw power, you can freely use this in the late game.


Welcoming Lantern is our go-to item when playing this deck. Because you want to fully utilize Seviper’s attack, you want to play Supporter every single turn. 


Urn of Vitality is a must in Single Strike decks when you are playing Single Strike Energy. But you can try to adjust the amount of this card in case you think 4 copies is too much.


Tower of Darkness is our draw power here. Because almost all of our cards are Single Strike, we can use it as fodder for Tower of Darkness.


Pokemon Catcher is our go-to item for gusting. Seviper’s attack is fully utilized if you play a Single Strike Supporter, so if you are playing Boss’s Orders, I think it’s a waste of attack because we can’t do full damage. But because this is a flip coin card, you may find it hard to gust a Pokemon.


Ordinary Rod is a must because we are playing a single-prize Pokemon.


Other than that, you can try to adjust the number of cards to your liking and maybe add another card to make this deck even stronger.


This deck is mainly targeting Mew VMAX deck because of its weakness. But you also can face other decks because Seviper’s attack is in the range of 2-turn knock out. 


You want to set up your board as fast as you can. Setting up 2 Houndoom, in my opinion, is a must because you have a high attack cost. Then, because the highest stage of this deck is only stage 1 and it’s Houndoom, you can fully utilize Quick Ball and Great Ball because you are more likely to find your Pokemon.


Sniping deck is a problem for this deck, almost single prize deck is suffering from Jolteon VMAX and other spread/snipe decks because they can easily wipe your board. But in the upcoming set, we will be getting Manaphy which ability is similar Mew from Unbroken Bonds.

Weakness, in my opinion, is also not a problem because you are a single prize Pokemon. You are likely to be knocked every single turn so I think you can stop thinking about your own weakness.


Bricking is a thing in this deck, although you have Tower of Darkness, you only get 2 cards. Those 2 cards sometimes can be a very bad draw. But bricking in this deck is still manageable because every turn you can utilize Tower of Darkness to draw.


Other than that, this deck is quite refreshing and fun to play because it’s a single prize deck. 


So what do you guys think? This deck is fun and can beat Mew VMAX. But because it is a single prize deck, you may not have the biggest advantage in terms of damage and HP base. But you may have a big favor in prize trade so you may take that into your calculation.


Comment down below to share your thoughts!


Stay safe and healthy! - Arelios

There may be some mistakes and missing points of review in this writing. Please kindly comment to share your correction and point of view too.

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