S10D 'Time Gazer' Set Review!

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With the release of S10D ‘Time Gazer’, there are so many cards that are being considered deck worthy once the set is released. In this article, I’m going to review all cards from the ‘Time Gazer’ card list so you can at least know what the set will give you. Enjoy!


Please note that I won’t rate every card here because some of them are only serves as a filler card or just to be a base for the important evolution card. Also, the cards rated here are fully my opinion and your opinion may be different so if you have something in mind, please do comment down below.




This card is straight up a filler but I somehow like its artwork. I won’t rate it because as you can see it has no use other than evolving into Yanmega.



Its first attack is nothing out of this world with only 30 damage. Its second attack however can be a great attack if only its attack cost is only 1 grass energy. Also, its damage can be very good if they hit for 140 damage so you can do a 2-turn KO for Pokemon VSTAR. But, it is what it is, so I will give it a 2/5.



Its first attack is straight-up bad in my opinion because you are accelerating for DIFFERENT energy. In this kind of format what you want to do is accelerate the same type of energy so you can do a specific attack with your Pokemon. But somehow, Pokemon decided that this attack needs to attach a different type of energy. 


Then its second attack is also bad. 3 energies for 120 and you can’t attack the next turn is very bad because playing a single-prize deck, you want to maximize every turn to make some damage.


I will give Leafeon 2/5 because it is a stage-1 and I don’t see any decks that can/will adopt this.


Its first attack seems good on paper because it lets you search for 3 cards from the deck. But the bad news here is that you still have Marnie and Judge in the format. They can easily disrupt your hand on the next turn so you have nothing. But, if there’s a format where hand disruption is minimum, I think this card can do a very great job.


I’ll give it 3/5 because I think there will be a great use case for this card even though it is very limited.


The same as Yanma, I don’t need to rate this card because its sole purpose is for the base Pokemon to evolve into something.

Hisuian Lilligant

I am a big fan of spread decks and I think Hisuian Lilligant have a great chance to shine. But because we still have Pokemon VMAX that goes over 300HP, 20 damage is considered to be very small to do a 3-4 turn knockout. Also, Manaphy becomes a very big problem because it prevents you to do spreading damage. However, the fun thing here is that you will be switching places after you attack. This can lead to a very deadly stall combo if you pair it with Duraludon VMAX or the upcoming Miltank because you can just stall the opponent and your Hisuian Lilligant is safe and sound. 


Its attack cost is also 2 colourless energy so you can easily pair it with Miltank and use Twin Energy for the attack cost. Energy Loto is being reprinted too so you can easily search for it although it is not guaranteed.


Currently, I rate this card 3/5 because of its potential. Let’s just see if Pokemon can let us have a spread deck in the format again.

Hisuian Lilligant V

Our first Pokemon V in this article! Its first attack seems really good because you can easily draw cards without using energy. But its HP is somewhat fragile because Meloetta can easily OHKO this Pokemon. It is also a Grass-type where there’s almost no viable Grass-type Pokemon right now so you can’t do a great follow up to this attack.


I will rate this card 2.5/5 because it can help you draw but currently, there’s no great support for Grass-type.

Hisuian Lilligant VSTAR

The first Pokemon VSTAR in this set will be Hisuian Lilligant VSTAR. Its attack is quite deadly because it can easily knock most of the Pokemon V out there. But its attack cost is terrible. 2 Grass energy is hard to meet because even with Gardenia’s Liveliness you are not guaranteed to do a quick acceleration. You also returning 1 energy attached to this Pokemon. It can be quite problematic if your opponent plays a hefty amount of hand disruption cards.


However, its VSTAR Power holds a big potential because you can easily do a set-up comeback using this VSTAR Power. You can easily search for any Grass Pokemon or Grass energy and fill your board. 


I will rate it 3/5 because its potential is already there but Grass-type right now has limited viable support that can compete in the format. 


Then, we also have the Hisuian Starter, Cyndaquil. I won’t rate this card because essentially you will be using this card to evolve into Hisuian Typhlosion or Quilava. 


This also applies to Quilava. Most of the time, stage-2 decks only bring 1 or 2 copies of stage-1 in their deck so I won’t rate this card either.


This also serves as a base for evolving your Pokemon. But if you look carefully at Politoad attack’s effect, you can use Poliwag to boost your Politoad attack. Its attack is also fun because you can be immune from attack the next turn. I won’t rate this card because I think most of the time this card won’t attack and just sit safely on the bench. 


The same with Poliwag, Poliwhirl only serves as the first stage of evolution for Politoad or Poliwrath. But the great thing here is that you have 90HP so it will be searchable using Level Ball. Its attack is nothing special so I won’t rate it.


This card has a very unique card effect. Depending on what your bench has, you can do an easy 280 damage to your opponent. Setting up for the requirement is also quite easy because all of the requirement is from your evoline. But, the hard thing is that Politoad is a stage-2 Pokemon so it will take a long time to set up. 


I will rate it 3/5 because of its damage potential. But unfortunately, it is a stage-2 so it will be quite hard to set it up consistently. 


Looking at its first attack, it can serve as an Echoing Horn. But because it will waste you a turn, I don’t think it is quite worth it unless you want to play some sort of control deck.


I will rate it 1.5/5 because somehow I can’t figure out this card usage. But things may be different if you are playing a lot of control decks. 


We also have Oshawott here. I won’t rate it too because it will serve as the base for Hisuian Samurott.


The same thing applies to Dewott. Most of the time people will go straight to Hisuian Samurott.


This is just straight a filler card. But I find this card is very cute and art that involves a real-world environment is also refreshing for me. It can be your starting point for collecting this kind of card. I won’t rate it because there is no noticeable great attack and it serves as the base to evolve into Swanna.


I also think this card is also a filler card. But if you want to play a control deck, you can consider this card because it only requires 1 energy to attack and it makes your opponent Asleep.


I will rate this card as 2.25/5 because some people will eventually try to include this card at some point in some sort of control deck.


Electrike can be used in some sort of control deck because it can paralyse the opponent although you need to flip a coin to make it happen. I will rate it as 2/5 because you will evolve it eventually to Manectric and you will rarely use it to attack.


Its first attack can easily be met using Twin Energy. But 50 damage is still too low and you need some sort of damage booster other than Choice Belt to do significant damage to your opponent. However, its second can have great potential because you can do 160 damage to the opponent and you can do a 2-turn knockout to your opponent. But your opponent can easily hold their Pokemon Tool if they meet you so it will be hard to maximize your potential.


I will give this card 2.5/5 because the damage potential is there but the requirement can easily be manipulated by your opponent.

Luxray V

Then we have the second Pokemon V, Luxray V. Its first attack is quite good because you can do some hand disruption and if you combine it with Marnie, you may want to try some hand control. Also, its second attack is also good if you want to play a stall deck because you can leave your opponent’s Pokemon Paralysed. But since both of the attacks' damage output is quite low, I don’t think that this card will see much play unless you play some control decks. In my opinion, Vikavolt is still the better card for the job.


I will rate it 2.25/5.


Next up we have the first Regis, Regieleki. Its first attack can easily recycle your Trainer from the Discard Pile and its second attack can easily snipe your opponent’s Pokemon. But I still think that the Evolving Skies Regieleki is better because you can attack 3 opponents at the same time (120 to the active, 40 to 2 Benched Pokemon). Its retreat cost is a bit awkward because it’s 3 energy. I just don’t know why Pokemon decide to give 3 energy as its retreat cost. 


I will rate this card 2/5.

Hisuian Typhlosion

Next, we have our first final Hisuian starters evolution, Hisuian Typhlosion. Its ability can easily be paired with Salazzle. But because this is a Stage-2 Pokemon, I don’t think that it is better than Butterfree that we already have. One thing that Butterfree really stands out is its ability to instantly evolve to stage-2. Hisuian Typhlosion doesn’t have it here, so that’s why I believe that Butterfree is still better to be used in a deck that relies heavily on Special Conditions.


Its attack is also not that good, you only restrict your opponent from not retreating next turn. Your opponent can use any switching cards to easily get out from this effect so it is not good either. 


I will rate it 2.5/5.


Its first attack can be very deadly if your opponent only plays a few switching cards. It also boosts your damage so doing an OHKO to Pokemon VMAX using your main attacker can be possible, especially since you will be having Choice Belt attached. But, I don’t think that Mawile will see a lot of play because most decks will play at least 1 Escape Rope and 1 Switch. Although, I can see it will be played in some gameplay scenarios.


I will rate it 2.5/5.

Jirachi V

The next Pokemon V in the set is Jirachi V. Its ability is like an Exp. Share but because its requirement is for Basic Pokemon V, I don’t think we will see a lot of play because most of the deck will go straight to Pokemon VSTAR or Pokemon VMAX. Its attack is also not that great making you and your opponent Asleep. Maybe in the upcoming ‘Dark Phantasma’ set, you can pair Jirachi V with Mechanical Arm so it can attack even when Jirachi V is Asleep.


I will rate it 2/5 because right now there’s almost no Basic Pokemon V that is viable in the format except Zacian V to attack. I also don’t think that you want to attack using Arceus V just because you can rely on Jirachi V’s ability. So until there’s a viable Basic Pokemon V, I think Jirachi V won’t see much play.


I also think that Drifloon counts as a filler card because its attack is just a big no. So, I won’t rate this card.


Same thing here with Drifblim. Its attack is almost nowhere near to doing a big snipe. I won’t rate this card and even if I rate this, I only give this card a 1/5. It’s just nowhere near to even doing a 2-turn KO on Sobble.


Its first attack is very unique because you can easily do 100-120 damage to your opponent’s Pokemon and it is not limited to your active Pokemon. But what makes this card hard to be a viable card is its requirement to do 20 damage spread to your benched Pokemon so you can have the maximum damage output. You can try to use Donphan but you need to have 2 different types of energy and that can leads you to brick if you don’t have the right energy type. But in the upcoming ‘Dark Phantasma’ set, this card may see some play if you decide to play with Hisuian Zoroark VSTAR.


But right now, I will give this card 2/5.

Hisuian Growlithe

Next up we have another Hisuian Pokemon, Hisuian Growlithe. Its first attack is fun to play because you can be immune the next turn even though you need to flip a coin. But it is always fun to have an attack that can make you immune. 


But I don’t think that you will attack with Hisuian Growlithe most of the time because you want to evolve it as soon as possible to do some damage instead of tank/stalling your opponent.


I will rate this card 2/5.

Hisuian Arcanine

Next, we have Hisuian Arcanine which I believe is not the best attacker. Its first attack is meh and its second attack is quite high in terms of attack cost. The second attack’s requirement is also somewhat hard because you need to have Fire energy attached to do your maximum damage potential.


I will rate this card 3/5 just because it is a Fighting-type Pokemon so you can hit Arceus VSTAR for weakness.


Besides Politoad, this set also has Poliwrath. I still think that Politoad will be the main attacker because when you look at Poliwrath's attack cost, you can’t use Gutsy Pickaxe (next set, probably) to meet your attack cost. But still, 160 damage is an immediate knockout to Arceus VSTAR, Gengar VMAX, and Eternatus VMAX (Choice Belt attached). This can be used as the second attacker because of that potential. However, as you guys already know, right now stage-2 Pokemon is still in a bad spot because of how fast Pokemon VSTAR and Pokemon VMAX are setting up their board.


I will give this card 2.5/5.

Machamp V

Finally! The long-awaited Machamp V is here. Its first attack is a moderate attack where you can easily do 100 damage if you play cards like Gapejaw Bog. Its second attack is also not that great because its attack cost is high for a Pokemon V with almost no energy acceleration method. In my opinion, Machamp V will solely be a base where you want to evolve Machamp VMAX. There will be a very rare case where you want to attack using Machamp V unless you’re bricked.


I will rate it 2.5/5.

Machamp VMAX

Machamp VMAX! Its first attack is very powerful because you can easily knockout any Pokemon that is weak to Fighting-type. Its attack cost is also manageable because you can do a 2-turn manual energy attachment. You also have Gutsy Pickaxe to accelerate even faster. Its second attack is also very powerful where you can knock almost any Pokemon VSTAR in the format with Choice Belt attached. 


However, I don’t think that Machamp VMAX will shine in the current format because we still have Mew VMAX. We also have Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX which I think is miles better because you can do spread damage. However, if we come across where the format is not filled with Psychic-type decks, I think Machamp VMAX still have a chance to shine. 


I will rate it 3.25/5.


I think this card is suitable to be a pivot Pokemon. Its ability can easily activate using Gapejaw Bog and since it is a non-Pokemon V, you can use Scoop Up Net in case it is in danger. But still, you need to activate its ability first in order for you to use its free retreat. 


I will rate it 2.5/5 because who doesn’t love a free retreat.


This is one of the fossil Pokemon cards in the set. I think that this card is not that great because I think this card serves as the base for its evolution Pokemon. So, I won’t rate this card.


Then we have the final evolution of the fossil Pokemon, Rampardos. Its first attack is nothing special. But, its second attack is one heck of an attack. 240 can easily knock any Pokemon V and knock some of the Pokemon VSTAR out there with the help of Choice Belt. But its second attack requirement is a bit hard if you don’t have the right amount of cards in hand. However, since we have the Bibarel engine, I don’t think that the attack requirement will be hard to achieve. The only hard part is Rampardos is a stage-2 Pokemon and setting it up quickly is quite hard. 


Mienfoo is also a filler card because there is no noticeable attack and damage that can be used. I won’t rate this card.


The same thing also applies to Mienshao. However, its art is very cool and of course, it is made by none other than Shibuzoh. If you are a fan of Shibuzoh cards, this card will definitely be on your wanted list. I won’t rate this card as well.


Its first attack can be useful if you are in a pinch because it will make your opponent to be Poisoned. But most of the time, this card will be served as the base to evolve. I won’t rate this car.d


Things are different if you are talking about Ariados. Its first attack can be quite useful because its effect is like Leafeon VMAX. But somehow the damage potential is very low. Its second attack is also not that great and has a high attack cost. But maybe the upcoming Dark Patch can help this problem.


I will rate this card 2.5/5 because an attack that relies on retreat cost always has potential but right now it is still not viable and its damage potential is quite low.

Hisuian Samurott

We have another final evolution of the Hisuian starters, Hisuian Samurott. Its ability is similar to Zoroark GX or Cinccino but instead of drawing 2 cards, you will be drawing 3 cards. I think this is a very great ability because drawing cards is never a bad thing. Then its attack is similar to Darkrai VSTAR with a lower damage multiplier. As a single-prize card, this card is very good in terms of ability and attack. But because this is a stage-2 Pokemon, many people will try to avoid this card because of how hard setting this guy up. I hope that in the future, Pokemon decides to give support for stage-2 Pokemon so they can try to compete in the format. 


But right now, I will rate this card 2.75/5.


There’s nothing special in this Pokemon and it counts as a filler and serves as the base for its evolution. I won’t rate this card.


We have another Thievul! Its ability is actually good in my opinion because when you are using Thievul in your field and you are on the losing side, you don’t want your opponent to quickly close the game. This ability really helps you to at least stall the game. But, I don’t think that this card will see much play because you can play Diancie from the Battle Region set and it’s a Basic Pokemon. Then, looking at its attack, I see nothing special about it. 


So, I will rate this card 2.5/5.


I won’t rate this card because as you can see, this card mainly serves as the base for evolving the card. Yes, you can use its first attack to recycle your energy, but if you are at the game phase where you need to recycle your energy, I think it is better to not waste a single turn not attacking. 


I also won’t rate this card because, most of the stage-2 Pokemon that you can utilize in the format, most of the time they only bring 1 copy of stage-1 Pokemon. Also, some Arceus VSTAR decks that bring stage-2 Pokemon sometimes do not bring any stage-1 Pokemon. So, I think I’m afraid that this card is a bit useless. 


If you look carefully at its ability, you may be thinking of 1 card in our Sun & Moon era, Blastoise! Magnezone has the same ability as Blastoise from Team Up and the only difference here is the energy type. I think this is a very powerful card to play even though it is a stage-2 Pokemon because if you look at Origin Dialga VSTAR, you can easily obliterate your enemy if you maximize all of your energy in the deck. How to maximize it? Using Magnezone! 


I will rate this card 3/5 just because it is a stage-2 Pokemon. If only this is a stage-1 Pokemon…


Then, we have another Regis, Registeel! Its first attack is not that great and I believe other Regis have it as well. Then, its second attack is actually quite good because if you play against Mew VMAX you can deal an easy 220 damage to Mew V/VMAX and that’s an instant KO to Mew V. But its attack cost is quite high although you have Metal Saucer. 


I will give this card 2.75/5.

Origin Dialga V

Next, we have our featured Pokemon of the set, Origin Dialga! In its V counterpart, I don’t see any special attack because its first attack is a bit useless if you use it in the late game and its second attack’s attack cost is very high. But, its HP is 220HP is considered quite high and can be used to tank if you are bricked.


I will rate this card 2.5/5.

Origin Dialga VSTAR

We finally come to the main star of the set, Origin Dialga VSTAR! Its attack is somehow a bit underwhelming because the 40 damage multiplier is a bit low in today’s standard if you want to face a Pokemon VMAX or even Pokemon VSTAR. Also, the bad thing here is that the attack effect only applies to the energy that is attached to itself. It will be a very hard time if you want to go for an OHKO but you get knocked instead. But I think that 2-turn KO is still possible with this Pokemon because you can also utilize its VSTAR Power. 


Its VSTAR Power as you guys may already know, is similar to the Dialga GX’s GX attack where you get an extra turn. Its damage is also enough to knock any basic Pokemon V out there. But its high attack cost is somehow bugging me. Yes, the attack cost is also similar to Dialga GX and you can use Metal Saucer to accelerate your energy. But I still think that you need at least 2-3 turns until you get to the point where you have 5 energy on Origin Dialga VSTAR. But hey, it’s my opinion, some people may easily break this card and make this card a very powerful card in the upcoming format, who knows. 


I will rate this card 3.25/5.



It’s another Tomokazu Komiya card! If you are a big fan of Tomokazu Komiya, this card will definitely in your wanted list. But looking at this card, I can say that this card is just a filler and serve as the base for evolution Pokemon. Although, when you look at Bisharp, its attack will heavily rely on Pawniard. Also, its HP is only 60HP and you can easily get sniped by your opponent.


I will give this card 2/5.


Now, if you look at its first attack, there’s something fun going on with its effect. The only downside here is that you need Pawniard, not Bisharp itself. This will make it easy to get sniped and lost your momentum also damages potential. Yes, you can bring Manaphy, but after going so hard on the attack, it only gives you a maximum of 150 damage (or 180 with Choice Belt attached). This is definitely a good number for a single-prize Pokemon because you can do a 2-turn knockout. But consistency wise, I don’t think that this card can survive more than 2 turns especially single-prize Pokemon can easily get knocked by Pokemon V/VSTAR/VMAX.


I will give this card 2.5/5.


We have another Eevee and it's illustrated by Sowsow. Its ability is actually quite good although not as good as the Sun and Moon Eevee because somehow, Pokemon decides to make a very bad Eeveelution in this set where not only it is not viable in the format, you also can’t use this ability for Eevee VMAX. Yes, the card illustration is very good and you should collect this card if you love Eevee or collecting Sowsow’s artwork. But for the playability? I don’t think so.


I will rate this card 2/5.


Next, we have Chatot where the illustration depicts Firespit Island in the back. But looking at the card, it’s just straight-up filler cards. So, I won’t rate this card but I do find this card’s illustration quite good.


Next, we have our last Regis in this set, Regigigas. Its ability is quite difficult if you see it on paper. But somehow, people in Japan seem to make it work and in the daily local tournaments report, there is always at least one Regigigas deck that comes out at least 2nd. This can be a very fun yet destructive deck to play in the upcoming format because if you look at its second attack you can instantly knock almost any Pokemon VMAX with Choice Belt attached. I believe there will be some players who will try this deck because of its potential.


I will give this card 3.25/5.


I won’t rate this card because I think this card is just a filler card and serve as the base for evolving the Pokemon. 

Hisuian Braviary

I’m one of the Braviary fans and when Pokemon announce that we are going to have a Hisuian Braviary, I do hope that the card has some potential. Looking at its attack, with no energy you can do a moderate attack to Arceus VSTAR because they will have 3 energy attached. But facing other decks, this attack can be underwhelming because it really depends on the opponent’s energy. Then, its second attack is not good where 3 energy is just hard to meet and you also can’t use this attack the next turn. But I think some people will try to play a 1-1 line in their decks. 


I will rate this card 2.5/5.


I don’t know what Pokemon is thinking right now but I think that we already got quite many Skwovet and Greedent cards at this point. Looking at its illustration, I do believe that some people will try to collect it. But as for playability, I think it is just a filler and serves as the base for the evolution card.


Then, we have the big ‘profit’ guy, Greedent! If we look at its first attack, I think it is not that good because not only you don’t deal any damage, but you also only draw 2 cards. However, its second attack may synergise well with the ‘Dark Phantasma’ Hisuian Arcanine. 210 damage is also a very good number because this is a single-prize card. But still, its attack requirement is quite hard to achieve. 


I will rate this card 2.5/5.

Wyrdeer V

This will be our last Pokemon V in this set. Its ability is similar to Galarian Sirfetch’d V but it’s better because you can move any type of energy. Its attack is also can deal quite big damage if you manage to pile up big energy and serves as your finisher for taking the game. But still, 40x damage is quite low because you need at least 5 to deal significant damage to Pokemon V and 7-8 energy to OHKO a Pokemon VMAX. But I do like this card's potential.


I will rate this card 3/5.


Switch Cart

This will be our first Trainer card of this set. I think that this card is very fun and quite useful to play because you can switch while healing your Pokemon. I think this card can see some play in decks that specialize in healing like Arceus VSTAR/Duraludon VMAX.


I will rate this card 3.5/5.

Tracking Shoes

The next Trainer card is Tracking Shoes. Its effect is quite similar to Acro Bike but with a bit nerf on its effect. However, I still think this is a good card to have even though you don’t see the immediate effect of this card in your overall gameplay. Some decks in Japan have successfully integrated this card into their decks and won their locals. So I think that this card in some decks really gives a great boost to their consistency.


I will rate this card 3.75/5.

Unidentified Fossil

Next up we have Unidentified Fossil which is a reprint from our previous sets in Sun & Moon Era. I never underestimated fossil decks back then because Omastar is quite scary back then, but looking at the current Fossil Pokemon, I don’t think it poses a big threat this time.

I will rate this card 2/5.

Feather Ball

Next, we have Feather Ball. This card is really another buff to Mew VMAX because you can practically search for the Mew VMAX line with this card without any drawback of discarding cards. But, looking at other decks, this card has so little benefit because most of the viable Pokemon besides Mew VMAX are having 1-2 retreat costs.


So, I will rate this card 4/5 for the Mew VMAX deck but 2.5/5 for other decks.


The first supporter we have is the leader of the Diamond Clan, Adaman. Its effect is quite good for Steel-type decks because you can discard 2 energy and grab any cards from the deck. This can lead to a combo of Metal Saucer and Switch or you can even try to find Pokemon to help you set up. But I don’t think that people will bring a full copy of Adaman in the deck because the risk of discarding 2 energy is quite high.


I will rate this card 3/5.

Gardenia’s Liveliness

Many people say that Grass-type is back because of this card. But so far looking at the local tournaments in Japan, there’s almost no deck that manages to pair their deck with this card. There are only two times where Gardenia’s Liveliness is played where the player brings a full copy of it in the Hisuian Lilligant VSTAR deck. Then, most of the time, some decks only bring one copy of this card where people still rely on Arceus VSTAR or Leafeon V. 


In my opinion, this card is not too good because drawing 2 cards are not too impactful for setting up the game. But later on in the game, every extra card is considered very powerful but this card is considered a supporter card so you will use up your supporter slot. You may want to bring Leafeon VSTAR because you can gust while using Gardenia’s Liveliness to accelerate and draw cards.


I will rate this card 3.5/5.



The last supporter in this set will be Zisu. Its effect is quite good if you want to get out of a low hand number. I think that this card has potential in some decks because even if you only bring one copy, extra cards are never a bad thing. 


I will rate this card 3/5.

Gapejaw Bog


Last, we have Gapejaw Bog as our new stadium in this set. Its effect is very good if you are looking at the new Hisuian Zoroark VSTAR in ‘Dark Phantasma’ (the set after this). But, if you look at the current format, I don’t think many people will play it unless some top players break this card. Yes, extra damage is always good but many decks right now play Battle VIP Pass so I don’t think it will be very impactful in the format especially facing Mew VMAX deck where you can have 2 Battle VIP Pass in turn-1. Sobble also helps some decks setting up without having to place any Pokemon from the hand. So I don't think this card can fit into many decks right now.


I will rate this card 3/5.

What do you guys think about these cards? I do see some hope for these cards being played although the influence on the format may be a bit lower than ‘Star Birth’/’Brilliant Stars’ does. However, looking at the upcoming set ‘Dark Phantasma’, there are some cards that may do well with Hisuian Zoroark VSTAR. But that will be on another article once ‘Dark Phantasma’ is fully released.


See the full ‘Time Gazer’ set card list and translation here:


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