Rayquaza VMAX/Pikachu V-UNION deck: Zapping Together!

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Hi guys, welcome back to another article on pokemoncard.io! Today I’m going to talk about another V-UNION deck. It’s Pikachu V-UNION!


Here’s an example of the deck:

This is just an example, if the deck didn’t work for you, you can try to experiment with it yourself and get comfortable with it.

Deck Overview

You will mainly attack with Rayquaza VMAX, then slowly set your Pikachu V-UNION. Pikachu V-UNION can lock your opponent by forbidding them to play any item cards.

Pikachu V-UNION

V-UNION is a very fun mechanic for me because it gives us a new way of setting up our board. 


With Pikachu V-UNION here, you can use its ‘Disconnect’ attack to ban your opponent from playing any Item cards. This is a very good attack because you can lock your opponent in 1 turn especially when your opponent is relying on Item cards heavily. You can use this attack to hold Mew VMAX to make them not play any Power Tablet, Cross Switcher, or any searcher especially when some of their variants rely on using Peony.


Its fourth attack is also a big hitter, with 3 energies, you can OHKO any V Pokemon. Its attack cost also can be met easily by using the Flaaffy engine because you are a Lightning Pokemon.


Then, since it’s a Lightning Pokemon, you can easily knock any Inteleon VMAX or the Inteleon line because of their weakness. You can use your third attack to hit the Inteleon line while forbidding your opponent from playing Item cards. 


Its second attack is also somewhat useful, although it is not as good as the other attacks because you need to flip a coin in order to make your opponent Paralyzed. But it can still be a good attack in order to hold your opponent.

Rayquaza VMAX

This is my go-to attacker because you can use Rayquaza VMAX’s ability to discard your Pikachu V-UNION parts and even draw some cards. Also, Rayquaza VMAX damage is considerably high with no damage cap in it. 


You can even use Rayquaza VMAX alone as your attacker and use Flaaffy to charge your second Rayquaza VMAX. But, you are missing your locking mechanism when you’re only playing with Rayquaza VMAX. Also, since you are a Dragon-type, you have no weakness, so you can tank a bit with it.


Its attack also synergizes with the Flaaffy engine because you are discarding your energies in order to attack. 


Flaaffy Engine

I think this engine will always be your engine when you are playing with Rayquaza VMAX because you need to charge as fast as you can so you do some OHKO to the enemy. 


It also synergizes well with Pikachu V-UNION because when your Rayquaza VMAX attack, it discards some energies in order to fulfill the condition. So, you can use Flaaffy in the following turn to charge your Pikachu V-UNION to attack.


I bring a 4-3 line because, in my opinion, and experience, you only need 2 Flaaffy in your board in order to work flawlessly. 3 energy costs from Pikachu V-UNION can be fulfilled easily when you charged with 2 Flaaffy and manually attach it the turn before or in the same turn. In the case of Rayquaza VMAX, you can try to attack with the intention of only hurting your opponent. You then want to switch to Pikachu V-UNION to use its third attack to lock your opponent and simultaneously knock them out. In that way, you can hold your opponent from recovering.

Mew & Gal. Articuno?

This is an optional choice. I try to play Mew here so I can find any Items like Evolution Incense, Air Balloon, Quick Ball, or even Battle VIP Pass to make sure I’m not bricking and sets up the board properly. 


Galarian Articuno V on the other hand is to hasten up my V-UNION process. By using its ability, you can discard 2 cards from your hand and get 1 card draw. You can combine it with Rayquaza VMAX’s ability to maximize your draw potential. Also, it’s only V Pokemon so you only give 2 Prize Cards, that’s why I try to bring 1 copy of it to make sure my board is not full of 3 Prizers and disrupt the opponent prize trade.


These are my personal preference because you can at least do many things with Mew around and Galarian Articuno V also save me from discarding too many cards if I use Rayquaza VMAX’s ability. But you can try to play without them and go straight for the Rayquaza VMAX line and try to draw as many things as you can while going for the V-UNION.


I try to play Peony here because it can help me to discard cards and I can find any Item cards like Battle VIP Pass (if you’re in the first turn), any searcher, or even switching cards. You can even try to find a stadium to bump the opponent’s stadium and help you set up your board.


I only play 1 Rose because this is a V-UNION deck, so playing Rose is not the best choice here. But I bring 1 copy of Rose to help Rayquaza VMAX.


Escape Rope is being played here. Why? Because I want to maximize Pikachu V-UNION third attack. If your opponent is short on switching cards, you can hold your opponent by locking their item cards so they cannot play any switching cards. In the meantime, you can knock out your opponent and try to get ahead on the prize trade.

Adventurer’s Discovery to help you set up because you can find your Rayquaza VMAX or Pikachu V-UNION parts. 


Stormy Mountains, in my opinion, is a must because you want to set up your board with Rayquaza VMAX and Flaaffy as fast as possible.







Setting the board, in my experience, is quite an easy one because, with all the searchers in the deck, we can fill out our board very quickly. But when you have no draw power in your second turn, things can turn 180 degrees. In my experience, I only manage to brick once in about 8 to 10 games in real life. So that’s still manageable, but looking at the randomness of PTCGO, I think you need to adjust the deck to suit the game.


Rayquaza VMAX is a Dragon-type, so there are no weakness matchups, but if you are looking at Pikachu V-UNION, Urshifu decks can be quite a challenge because they can do an easy OHKO to you. Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX can also do considerable damage to your bench so you need to keep that in mind.


Other than that, sniping decks is not a big problem because even if your Flaaffy gets knocked, you still have another Flaaffy. If your opponent decides to take out both of your Flaaffy, Pikachu V-UNION first attack can help you charge yourself. But, if this scenario happens, I think you can still manage yourself even when putting Rayquaza VMAX as your attacker.


Path to the Peak can be a bit of a problem for you. You are locked because you cannot use any of your Rayquaza VMAX’s and Galarian Articuno V’s abilities. You may want to add Pumpkaboo, but it becomes an easy target for sniping/gust.


Other than that, since Rayquaza VMAX is already a solid attacker, playing this deck can be refreshing for you especially when playing a V-UNION. But I need to remind you that you need to experiment with this deck yourself to find a comfortable combination of cards.






So what do you guys think? V-UNION is always an interesting mechanic. Although it didn’t have the smoothest response from the fans, you can still make some surprises when playing with some of these cards. You just need to find the right combination and fight your way to the top.


Comment down below to share your thoughts!


Stay safe and healthy! - Arelios

There may be some mistakes and missing points of review in this writing. Please kindly comment to share your correction and point of view too.

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