PTCG Live Migration Issues & Numbered Errors Explained!

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Pokemon officially explained further details regarding details on issues especially migration and error messages that arise during the Global Beta Test.


Here is the detail for both explanations:

The below statement is stated directly from their official post

Migration Issues

Migration Errors/Stuck Between Games:

The team identified accounts affected by this issue and is currently addressing these on a case-by-case basis, while a more permanent solution is in the works. Please retry loading into the game and see if you’ve gained access. If you’re still having trouble and experiencing any errors, please contact our Support Team

Missing Cards/Crystals After Migration:

For players who migrated and are missing certain cards from their collections, please see the steps below to view different rarities or variations of your cards. If, after following these steps, you’re still unable to view these cards, please get in touch with our Support Team, as they will be able to review this further for you.


1. Navigate to the "Edit Deck" area and select the card with the variation/rarity you’re looking for.



2. On the screen that enlarges the card, there will be an “available” drop-down button directly below it. (Click this should open a list of all the card versions)


For players who migrated and are missing credits they should have received from unopened packs, please get in touch with our Support Team so that they can review your account and act accordingly.  

Missing Decks/Deck List Migration:

Saved deck lists do not migrate over to Pokémon TCG Live. Decklists must be exported to a text file and imported into the game. See our FAQ Page for detailed instructions.   

Error Messages

For players experiencing numbered error messages when trying to load into the game, please reach out to our Support Team so they can request any additional information from you to try and help troubleshoot.

That’s it! Do some of your problems answered by this? 


See the official post here:


I really hope the team put all their effort into making this game better. Because right now, I think there are still some negative sentiments, especially from some influencers out there who are not satisfied with the game. Fingers crossed that the game will be much better when it releases officially!


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