Pokémon TCG Online Illustration Exhibition Will be Held!

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Pokémon will open an online illustration exhibition from August 10, 2022, to October 22, 2022. The exhibition will be free of charge and have various languages from Japanese, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Thai, and Indonesian where all of these languages are the current official language for Pokémon TCG.


There will be 3 main areas Life, History, and Artist.







You can enjoy the appearance of Pokémon living as they are in various places through card illustrations in the Life area. While in the History section, you can enjoy an area that traces the evolution of illustrations from the many cards that have appeared since the game's beginning in 1996. Finally, in the Artist section, you can experience Pokémon's varied charm through a wide range of illustration expressions by a variety of artists. Also, as part of the exhibition, 50 artists who designed Pokémon card illustrations contributed comments on their favourite works.


You can try to close up the cards during the exhibition so you can see the cards closer. (examples down below)





Also, as part of the exhibition, Pokémon decides to collaborate with Takumi Wada. Pokémon card illustrations designed by Taku Wada, who works on various works such as Nintendo Switch / Wii U software "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild", will be exhibited. 


There will be 3 cards on display, and they will be exhibited on the following schedule during this illustration exhibition.

Public schedule:

  • Scheduled for Tuesday, August 23

  • Scheduled for Wednesday, September 7

  • Scheduled for Thursday, September 22

For more information you can see here:


JAP (they have more detailed info): 

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