Pokemon TCG Meta Snapshot January 2022: Mew VMAX! The Pokémon TCG Meta Snapshot is an article that aims to encapsulate the state of the meta for a given 1 month period.


The Pokémon TCG Meta Snapshot is an article that aims to encapsulate the state of the meta for a given 1 month period.

The Pokémon TCG Meta Snapshot also aims to rank decks in a somewhat lesser tier system. The tiers that we will use are as follows:

Tier 1: Highly Competitive Meta Decks. 10% or more of tops based on Limitless Online Tournament Platform deck spread and/or at least WIN a big official event once (Regionals, Internationals, or Special Event)


Tier 2: Semi-Competitive Meta Decks. Less than 10% of tops are based on the Limitless Online Tournament Platform deck spread.


Tier 3: Semi-Competitive non-Meta/Rogue decks. 1-2 tops. Specifically includes decks that only top small events or get lower rankings at medium events. Can also include decks that can potentially top but have not yet in a given format.


Tier 4: Casually Competitive non-Meta decks. Decks that can compete at the local level, but cannot top an event.


Tops = 1st - 8th place.


This article is written based on the Silver Tempest format.

Deck Overview


Mew VMAX is a very solid deck throughout the whole format since its release. It has a very strong draw engine using Genesect V where you can potentially draw more than 15 cards in a single turn. You also have a very solid single-prize attacker using Meloetta where you can use Elesa’s Sparkle to create a very strong energy acceleration combo. Then, Mew VMAX itself can copy any attack of your Benched Fusion Strike Pokémon meaning that you can use Genesect V’s or another Mew V’s/VMAX’s attack on the bench. 




First off, we have the highlight of the deck itself, Mew VMAX. It has a free retreat cost which is a very great thing to have on a Pokémon VMAX. Why? Because you can easily search it using almost any searcher including Feather Ball. So, even when Quick Ball rotates out, you can still be safe and sound while playing Feather Ball. Then, we look at its attack. Its first attack, Cross Fusion Strike, is where the fun thing happens. It can use any of the Fusion Strike Pokémon’s attacks which is a very strong thing to do because you can use Genesect V’s, Mew V’s, Mew VMAX’s, or even Oricorio’s attack with only 2 Colorless energy regardless of your Benched Pokémon’s attack cost. I think this is why the card is considerably strong because, unlike Mewtwo & Mew-GX, you can just use Double Turbo Energy or Fusion Strike Energy to fill up Mew VMAX’s attack cost rather than using the necessary energy of your Benched Pokémon’s attack cost. 


Then, you may be thinking, even if it’s this strong,  you may be thinking that you can just use Miltank to block it from attacking because Mew VMAX is still considered a Pokémon V. You are wrong! Its second attack, Max Miracle, can easily go through Miltank’s ability so Miltank cannot hold Mew VMAX off. But of course, unlike its first attack, the attack cost is not that easy for Mew VMAX. But you can just use Cross Fusion Strike to attack and choose Max Miracle from your benched Mew VMAX. 


I think this is one of the strongest Pokémon in the recent format because of its high damage output and versatility making it almost invincible. However, Pokémon already know that and make a straight counter to it, which is Drapion V and Mightyena. However, in recent events, it turns out that even with both counters available, Mew VMAX still manage to win some events and manage to get several places in the Top 16. I think this is due to how fast Mew VMAX is and you still have a wide range of arsenal when dealing with those counters. 


Overall, Mew VMAX is a very strong Pokémon indeed. It has the versatility it needs and it also has the firepower to knock out almost any Pokémon. For how many cards you bring, the majority of the player out there may agree that 2-3 Mew VMAX is the best number to bring. You can adjust how many you bring depending on your playstyle because some of you will go with the Meloetta/Fusion Strike Energy route so you can try to reduce the number of Mew VMAX on your deck. 

Mew V



Next, we talk about Mew V. Yes, we sometimes don’t talk about any Basic Pokémon V because if they have an evolution, you are better off evolving it as it has more HP, better attacks, and just way better overall. But for some situations, Mew V might be your life saviour.


Its first attack, Energy Mix, can help you in certain situations where you can accelerate energy to 1 of your Fusion Strike Pokémon. I think this can be a great way to help you in case you miss your Elesa’s Sparkle and you are sure that you are safe the next turn so your Mew V isn’t getting knocked. 


Then we look at its second attack, Psychic Leap. This is a very important attack if you want to survive. Oftentimes, Psychic Leap can help you to survive because Mew VMAX can copy this attack if you have Mew V available on the bench. But not only you can survive using this attack, but you can also easily knock some of the Pokémon because you can still increase the damage using Power Tablet and Choice Belt.


I think this is a great card package to begin with because not only do you get a good Pokémon V, but you also get a very powerful Pokémon VMAX. As for how many copies you want to bring. I think the minimum amount you can bring is 3 because you want to set up Mew V as fast as possible so you can evolve into Mew VMAX in the next turn. If you go for 2 copies, I think it is quite daring and risky, to begin with, and I don’t think you can play safely unless you have a different game plan and gameplay revolving around Mew V.

Genesect V



Then, last but not least, the Fusion Strike Pokémon is not complete without Genesect V. Its ability, Fusion Strike System, is one of the strongest draw abilities in the game because not only you can draw cards until you have as many cards as you have Fusion Strike Pokémon in play, but you can use this ability more than once. This means that you can set up multiple Genesect V on your board and draw cards to your heart's content. This ability alone already puts you in a very comfortable spot when playing with Genesect V as your engine. 


Also, if you look at its attack, it deals an easy 210 damage. Although the attack cost is quite hard to achieve, because you can copy it using Mew VMAX’s attack, you can attack using Mew VMAX with only 2 Colorless Energy. If you play correctly you can easily do 360 damage if you use all of your Power Tablet and use Choice Belt. This means that you can easily do an OHKO to any Pokémon in the game. However, there’s some downside to the attack where you can’t attack the next turn. But because you can draw cards almost endlessly, you can search for switching cards using Genesect V’s ability. 


I think this is one of the greatest engines we can have in recent format because of how amazing it can draw cards from the deck. Yes, it is still limited to Fusion Strike Pokémon if you want to maximize its potential. But what more do you want from it? I think if it goes better than this, the card can be a potential ban in some format. So I think the card is already great just the way it is. However, you need to take note that the Genesect V is still a Pokémon V so Path to the Peak will surely hinder its ability to draw cards. I think this is a very reasonable counter because if you don’t have a definite counter, the deck will be too strong to counter. 


As for how many copies you want to bring, I think it is obvious to bring all 4 copies to the deck because you don’t want your Genesect V to be prized. You also need it to be on the bench in order for your Mew VMAX to copy your attack. If you never play Mew VMAX, you may be surprised at how fun it is to draw cards using Genesect V. But still, not every day is bright and sunshine because you can still draw to a very bad hand and cannot thin your hand so you can draw more using another Genesect V. But I think that is the price to pay when you have such a good engine. 

Other Pokémon


Besides Mew VMAX itself, Mew V, and Genesect, there are a lot of Pokémon that can fit into the Mew VMAX deck easily. Here are some examples:




First, we got Meloetta. At first, it seems hard if you only look at its attack effect because even though the potential is very big, you need all 4 Fusion Strike Energy in order to maximize your attack. But because we have Elesa’s Sparkle, you can easily have 3 Fusion Strike Energy even in your first turn if you’re going second. I think this can be a very powerful attack because, with 210 damage and the help of Power Tablet, you can basically hit any viable Basic Pokémon V right now. But you need to remember that its attack cost is 1 Psychic Energy and 1 Colorless Energy so you can’t use Double Turbo Energy unless you use Mew VMAX’s attack to copy Meloetta’s attack.


Also, because Meloetta is a single-prize Pokémon, you can be more at ease when attacking using Meloetta without worrying too much about the prize trade in the early part of the game. But because right now we have Drapion V and Sky Seal Stone, you may want to think more carefully because both cards can easily disrupt your prize trade and you may want to play Meloetta more carefully because if you play 2 Meloetta on the board and your Mew VMAX is knocked out while the opponent is using Sky Seal Stone, your opponent can easily go with knocking out 2 Meloetta if they don’t have the sufficient firepower to knock your Genesect V. But because the case is still quite rare, I think you don’t need to think it too far but you still need to beware with this kind of play.


As for how many copies you want to bring, I think 2 copies is the maximum you can bring because you can still use Mew VMAX to attack. Also, if you bring too much Meloetta, I think it can disrupt your consistency when drawing cards.




Up until now, we only talk about the damage and draw power from the Fusion Strike Pokémon, but what about defence? Oricorio is your answer here. Its ability can reduce incoming damage from the opponent’s Pokémon by 20. Yes, I know it’s not that much but sometimes, 20 or 10 damage is all it takes to survive the opponent’s attack and Oricorio does the job well. It also counts as Fusion Strike Pokémon so you can still maximize your Genesect V’s ability. What about its attack? I think we will be rarely used this attack because it has low firepower and you will be wasting a turn from using it. However, even myself has attacked using Oricorio’s attack twice and it can change the course of the game because it is a damage counter placement, not straight damage. I think if you use Oricorio’s attack carefully, you can easily change the game completely although its attack is not your first priority when thinking of an attack.


So how many copies do you bring? I think 1 copy is enough because you can’t stack its ability. However, some decks try to bring 2 copies because of the chance of getting it prized. But despite that and all the fancy damage reduction, some decks also try to not bring Oricorio at all and opt to go for the other cards. I think it is quite reasonable and if you want to go all out you may not want to bring Oricorio. Oh and did I mention that it has a very cool Galarian Gallery? You can try to find the Galarian Gallery Oricorio hence you can have a more beautiful deck. Also, it’s illustrated by Tomokazu Komiya so it’s a plus! 

Other Things to Consider


Not only Pokémon but there are 5 Trainer cards that make the Mew VMAX deck a very strong deck right now. Let's take a look!

Elesa’s Sparkle



The first card that we have here is Elesa's Sparkle. If you play Fusion Strike Energy, Elesa’s Sparkle will be your best friend. It can easily accelerate a Fusion Strike Energy to 2 chosen Pokémon. This can be a great way to start your game because if you go second, you can play Meloetta while also playing Elesa’s Sparkle and search for the third Fusion Strike Energy using Genesect V’s ability. Then, if you already use it once, because you have multiple copies of it in the deck, you can just use it as your discarding option and save your important card in your hands. Why? Because Fusion Strike Energy is considered as Special Energy and you can only have 4 copies in your deck. Thus, once you used Elesa’s Sparkle once, you practically left with half of your Fusion Strike Energy and usually, you will draw it using your Genesect V’s ability. 


As for how many copies you want to bring, most decks bring 2-3 copies in the deck because as I mentioned before, you usually only use Elesa’s Sparkle once in the early game and do not use it anymore. So, your priority is only to find 1 copy of it and use it. 




Besides Elesa’s Sparkle, you may want to use a draw supporter but not all supporter is quite forgiving to your hand because some of them need you to discard your hand, the draw power is too small, or you can’t disrupt the opponent. However, Judge can be your go-to supporter here. Because it gives you quite the amount of draw while also disrupting your opponent, and you still have spaces for you to draw using Genesect V’s ability. But why not Marnie? Marnie is also a great choice, but because Judge makes you and your opponent shuffle their hand, you can disrupt the opponent’s Oranguru or other top deck cards so they won’t have it. Also, Judge is surviving this rotation so you may want to invest a bit in Judge.


As for how many cards, it depends on what way you are playing. If you play the Fusion Strike Energy play, you simply don’t have to play it and you can just go for Roxanne. But if you play the Double Turbo Energy/Control gameplay, you can bring 2-3 copies and go for 1 copy of Marnie which is a great combination of cards. Judge also has old cards consisting of several previous sets. So, you can showcase your old card and your new ones to create more good-looking decks. 

Power Tablet



The deck is not complete with 4 copies of this card, Power Tablet. It has a very easy job which is to increase the damage of your Fusion Strike Pokémon attack by 30. This card is quite similar to Electropower which is used for Lightning-type Pokémon. I think there’s not much to discuss here because its job is very simple and because it is an Item card, you can use it as much as you can. But you need to beware because if you use Power Tablet carelessly, you may be in short of power when you want to attack in your future turns. 


As for how many copies you want to bring. I think it is quite obvious you need to bring 4 copies of this card because if you use all of them at the same time, you can easily knock any Pokémon on the board. The card is just a must for the Mew VMAX deck.

Battle VIP Pass



Then, the Mew VMAX deck is not complete with this card. Battle VIP Pass turns out to be a very strong card in some decks because it can easily help you to set up the board in your first turn. Naturally, Mew VMAX is one of those decks because you can easily set up multiple Genesect V in a single turn and you can draw using Genesect V’s ability so you can draw more Battle VIP Pass to further increase your board size. However, you need to remember that Battle VIP Pass can’t be used if you already going for your second turn meaning that the card will be useless for the rest of the game. But fear not, because you have so many discarding options including Ultra Ball and Quick Ball, you can just discard your unused Battle VIP Pass rather than discard your important cards. 


However, sometimes Battle VIP Pass becomes a bit of an obstacle when you have multiple copies in your hand and resulting that you cannot draw cards using Genesect V as your Battle VIP Pass in hand is in the way for you to draw. But despite all that, Battle VIP Pass is essential in the Mew VMAX deck because of how fast you can set up using it. As for how many copies, I think 4 copies is the way to go although some decks are bringing 3 copies because, in the late game, it can get in the way. But if you want to play safe, 4 copies is the way to do it.

Forest Seal Stone



Forest Seal Stone is one of the new cards that is introduced in Lost Origin and its effect is phenomenal just by looking at the text because you basically get a free Computer Search using this card. Then, because Mew VMAX doesn’t have any Pokémon VSTAR  that use VSTAR Power, you can use this card freely. I think this is a great card for Mew VMAX really needs an exact searcher in some condition and even though Cram-o-matic does that, you still need to flip a coin to use it. Also, even though it is an ability, because this is a Trainer card, Path to the Peak won’t affect it so you can use it anytime you want. However, you need to beware that you need to attach it to a Pokémon V so you can’t use it if you attach it to Meloetta or Oricorio. Usually, people will attach it to Genesect V because you will be using Choice Belt on your Mew VMAX or Meloetta so the obvious choice will go to Genesect V which hasn’t got any tool on it.


I think this is a very great card in the Mew VMAX deck because it increases the consistency of the deck. So far, most decks bring only 2 copies of the card because you can only use VSTAR Power once. Also, bringing more will just disrupt your consistency for other cards.

Winners’ Decklist


Now, all we talk before is how the deck is strong and consistent. But how is the deck's actual performance in big tournaments? Let’s find out!


First, we will look at the Regional Liverpool winner, Leon Kesselring. Here is the decklist:




First, we look at the Pokémon list. As Leon goes for the Judge/Double Turbo Energy gameplay, it is quite obvious that the deck doesn’t need any Meloetta. So, Leon focuses on bringing the regular lineup for the deck by having a 4-3 line of Mew V - VMAX and 4 copies of Genesect V. Also, to reduce some damage, Leon also brings 1 copy of Oricorio. I think for the Pokémon list there’s not much room for changes because as far as I know, this is the most efficient number when you are playing the Mew VMAX deck with the Judge/Double Turbo Energy gameplay. I think it also reflects on the result where this deck can win the Regional Liverpool.


As for Supporter cards, Leon brings Judge, Marnie, Roxanne, and Boss’s Orders. Judge is a solid supporter where you can disrupt your opponent’s hand and unlike Marnie, you can disrupt their Top Deck strategy because Judge requires you to shuffle your hand. I think this is a go-to supporter if you want to rely on the Judge/Double Turbo Energy gameplay because right now, it is the only supporter card that can help you shuffle back the enemy hand in the early game. Then Marnie is also being used here because it is still considered as a disruption card and adds more variation rather than only bringing Judge. Then, Roxanne will be your late-game disruption because you can go for the Roxanne and Path to the Peak combo to lock your opponent with a small hand. Then, the obvious choice for gusting is none other than Boss's Orders. I think the choice is quite straightforward and the purpose of Boss’s Orders is as simple as that. In my opinion, the Supporter cards selection is a great one and quite similar to the Pokémon selection, I don’t think there’s a big leeway for changes because the card pool is quite low.


Now we look at the searcher cards that Leon brings. As you guys may already know, I think the choice is quite obvious here because almost every Mew VMAX deck will bring the exact same cards which are Battle VIP Pass, Quick Ball, and Ultra Ball. Battle VIP Pass is a great choice because you can easily set up multiple Genesect V on board so you can draw cards using them and hopefully get another copy of Battle VIP Pass or another searcher. Then, Quick Ball is a very simple searcher as you need to set up multiple Basic Pokémon on the board, so it is quite obvious that you need to play Quick Ball rather than relying only on Battle VIP Pass. You also can discard Battle VIP Pass using Quick Ball when it is not your first turn and thin your hand so you can draw more cards using Genesect V’s ability. As for Ultra Ball this card will be your searcher for any Pokémon including Mew VMAX because Ultra Ball can search for anything. However, you need to beware because Ultra Ball discards 2 cards and if you have quite a resourceful hand, you may be quite hesitant to discard. But because it can discard 2 cards, you will be thinning your hand and make way for Genesect V’s ability to be used. I think until rotation happens, we will be seeing quite the same composition for the searcher cards because this is the most consistent one yet. 


Then for switching cards, Leon plays 4 copies of Cross Switcher while also having 1 copy each of Switch and Escape Rope. For Cross Switcher I think this can be a great way to refresh your Mew VMAX after using Techno Blast while also gusting the opponent. Yes, you may be thinking it will be quite hard having 2 Cross Switcher at a time. But because we can use Genesect V’s ability to draw cards, I think the possibility of having 2 Cross Switcher at a time will be easier. Also, if you can’t use it in your turn, you can just use it as a discarding material for Quick Ball and Ultra Ball. Then, Leon still brings Switch Cart and Escape Rope because I think they both still do the job well and we can’t rely on Cross Switcher all the time. So by having Switch Cart and Escape Rope, we can still rotate our Mew VMAX even after using Techno Blast. 


For the other cards, of course, Leon brings 4 copies of Power Tablet to increase the damage. Then, Leon brings 4 copies of a good ol’ Cram-o-matic. This card is quite controversial in its own way because it is a very strong search card. But because you need to flip a coin while discarding an Item card makes it a bit unstable.  But because of how powerful it is, almost any Mew VMAX decks bring it even if it only 2 copies or even a full 4 copies. Because you can’t always rely on Genesect V’s ability to draw. Aside from that, Leon also brings Forest Seal Stone so it can be used to search for any card when it is attached to Genesect V. Not forgetting any tool/stadium removal, Leon also brings 2 copies of Lost Vacuum. In my opinion, Lost Vacuum is a great card because you can use Path to the Peak while saving Lost Vacuum in your hand and making sure your opponent is locked. Then, you use Lost Vacuum the next turn in order for you to activate Genesect V’s ability again. There is also another purpose for Lost Vacuum such as removing the tool card because you can make sure to disrupt your opponent's math in case your opponent goes for the OHKO. Then, Big Parasol is also being played because the chance of facing Yveltal is quite high and you don’t want your Mew VMAX to die that easy. So, by bringing Big Parasol, you can at least prevent that kind of attack. Leon also brings Choice Belt which is quite obvious because it will boost your attack against a Pokémon V. Last but not least, Leon also brings an Echoing Horn which you can play along with Boss’s Orders or Cross Switcher and go for an easy kill. I think the Item choice is pretty standard aside from Big Parasol because of how popular Lugia VSTAR is and they bring Yveltal for an easy knockout. Other than that, I think this is a pretty solid number for each card and you can still work around those numbers to your comfort.


As for the stadium cards, Leon brings a great combination of 2 copies each of Path to the Peak and Lost City I think both are great cards because they can easily disrupt the opponent. Then, Leon also bring 1 copy of Collapsed Stadium. I think this can be a great way to disrupt decks like Regigigas or even Mew VMAX itself as Genesect V’s ability will be toned down. 


Lastly is the energy choice, because Leon decides to play the Judge/Double Turbo Energy way, it is quite obvious that Leon will only play 4 Double Turbo Energy. 


That’s it for Leon's decks. I think this is a very solid deck the Judge/Double Turbo Energy gameplay turns out to be a very powerful deck and the cards revolving around it are fairly consistent because it revolves on controlling the board rather than giving it all out to firepower. Fortunately, Leon manages to bring the best out of these cards and win the Liverpool Regional, congrats!


Next, we have Nathans Ginsburg who got 2nd Place in Regional San Diego. Quite Similar to Leon, Nathans plays the Judge/Double Turbo Energy Mew VMAX. 




Overall, Nathans plays almost exactly the same 60 as Leon. I think this means that the list itself is quite limited in card pool and even with that limitation, the deck still works fine. However, there are 2 different cards in Nathans's deck that differs from Leon's. First, Nathan plays the third Judge. I think this is still reasonable because playing both Marnie and/or Judge gives you the same disruption although in a quite different way. Also, it can be a better choice if you go with the same card all the way. Then, the second card will be -Switch. I think playing Switch will be a more common way of switching because you can switch freely between any Pokémon and there’s also a benefit of that because you don’t need to think of any requirements and just focus on your game. However, when you are playing Switch Cart, you need to know that you can only switch a Basic Pokémon. This means that you need to be aware of what you are switching. But the benefit of it is that you can heal 30 damage. This can be a great game changer because if you are facing a deck like the Lost Zone box, you can survive a second Cramorant’s attack if you use Switch Cart while also having Oricorio on your bench. But still, both cards are great switching cards and it is just up to you what you want to bring. 


The last example will be from Ryan Moorhouse who got Top 8 in Regional Liverpool using the Fusion Strike Energy Mew VMAX. Here is the decklist:




The Pokémon composition that Ryan brings is quite similar to Leon’s and Nathans’s because the core will be the same. However, because Ryan plays the Fusion Strike Energy way, of course, Ryan brings Meloetta so it can use Melodious Echo which is very powerful if you manage to pull the combo off. Then, because Ryan already brings Meloetta, Ryan decided to cut down the number for Mew V and Mew VMAX by 1 each to a 3-2 line. I think this is quite reasonable because you can just attack using Meloetta in the early part of the game and you can attack using Mew VMAX in the late part of the game so in that sense, you will be safer if you are facing Drapion V. 


Then, for supporter cards, because Ryan plays Fusion Strike Energy, Elesa's Sparkle will be the first supporter that comes to mind. The choice is quite obvious here and Ryan decided to play 3 copies of it. Then, Ryan plays 1 copy of each of Boss’s Orders, Serena, Judge, and Cyllene. Boss's Orders is quite the obvious choice for straight gusting. On the other hand, while Serena can gust any Pokémon V, it can also help you to draw some cards while discarding several cards on hand. I think this is a great addition because you can choose between gusting the opponent or drawing cards. Then, Ryan also plays Judge which can help to disrupt the enemy’s hand. I think at this point, almost every deck need to run at least 1 hand disruption card because sometimes your opponent’s hand can get out of control or you can just disrupt their momentum from setting up. Last but not least, Ryan plays Cyllene as a form of recycling. Even though you need to flip 2 coins in order to recycle the card, I think this is your best bet to recycle the card from your discard pile for example Power Tablet in case you need more damage, Fusion Strike Energy/Double Turbo Energy if you are short in energy, or even Boss’s Orders for your gusting next turn. Also, the good thing about playing Cyllene is that you are putting those recycled cards back to the top of your deck which means that you can just use Genesect V’s ability to draw it. I think this lineup of supporters is already a great one because you get so many ways of doing things including setting up, attacking, and even recycling your cards. 


As for the searchers' composition, of course, Ryan plays the same composition as I already had mentioned before, this is the best searchers lineup for Mew VMAX deck right now.


As for the other cards, the difference that you can see straight up is that Ryan decides to play Pokémon Catcher. I think Pokémon Catcher is a great item because it can do a gust in a form of an Item card. However, because you need to flip coin in order for the effect to run, you still have the risk of getting a tail in your coin flip. But because it is an Item card, you can use it whenever you want and you can also use it as the discarding material for your searchers or Cram-o-matic. As for the other Item cards, Ryan plays quite a similar Item with Leon and Nathans with the only difference being how many copies Ryan brings.


Lastly, because Ryan plays the Fusion Strike Energy way, Ryan will play 4 copies of Fusion Strike Energy. Then, because Mew VMAX’s attack is 2 Colorless, Ryan also brings Double Turbo Energy. However, there’s one unique card here which is V Guard Energy. I think this is a great card because if this card is combined with Oricorio and attached to Mew VMAX, you can survive most of the opponent’s attack besides Drapion V. 


Overall, the Mew VMAX deck is already a strong force since its release and almost has a consistent core list of cards. I think it is just up to your needs and comfort on how many copies you want to bring for each card. Even some Mew VMAX decks bring Crushing Hammer as a form of extra control. 


Also, as a bonus. You can also check the other Mew VMAX decks on the Weekly Japanese Tournament Result here.

Tier Conclusion


Now we come to the tier conclusion. I think with everything Mew VMAX has done since its release, it is safe to say that the deck is very strong from the start. It won multiple big tournaments, manage to get many places in the Top 16 or Top 8, and even in Japan, the deck continues to perform in the Scarlet & Violet format. So I think it is safe to say the deck still has a long way to go.


Based on that achievement and very amazing performance, of course, the deck will be a Tier 1 deck. I simply hope that this deck continues to perform well in the new format.


What do you guys think of the Mew VMAX deck? I think the deck is just too strong and the thing that can bring it down is itself when it draws so badly from multiple Genesect V. Drapion V can also be a deciding factor when you meet them because if you are not careful, you can easily get knocked twice if you don’t think carefully.


This is an ongoing project on pokemoncard.io and I really appreciate all the feedback. I plan to do this on a monthly basis so you can at least grasp what is happening over the month and I think it is a very safe cycle time considering that our set is not released once a month so you guys can still see how the format goes. 


Life is too short to be anything but happy! - Arelios

There may be some mistakes and missing points of review in this writing. Please kindly comment to share your correction and point of view too.

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