Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Ver. 1.1.0 Update Announced!

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Pokemon officially announced their latest patch update on the Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet video game. In this update, they introduce “Ranked Battle Season 1”, which you can now enjoy “Ranked Battle” from “Battle Stadium”. There are also some minor fixes but so far, there’s no announcement regarding the fix on the performance issues like frame drop and glitch. The update will be implemented around December 1-2, 2022, depending on what time zone you are on.

Here is the list of things they will be implementing:

  • Season 1 of Ranked Battles will kick off, allowing you to enjoy Ranked Battles through the Battle Stadium.            

    • Please check the in-game notice for more details about Ranked Battles Season 1.

  • An issue has been fixed that caused the music to not play correctly during the battles with the Elite Four and the Top Champion in the Victory Road path.

  • Other select bug fixes have been made.

Pokemon also made an official statement:

We are aware that players may encounter issues that affect the games' performance. Our goal is always to give players a positive experience with our games, and we apologize for the inconvenience. We take the feedback from players seriously and are working on improvements to the games.


If you take a look at the statement above, it is clear that Pokemon is aware of the issues that have been running around in the game and working on a fix. But there is no official statement when the fix will be done and implemented.


For more information you can check here:


Nintendo Support: How to Update Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet



What do you guys think of this update? Will Pokemon fix the performance issues quickly or just let things flow and fix them one by one? Also, do you guys already prepare your team to take on the Ranked Battles?


Comment down below to share your thoughts!


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