Pokemon Center Online Store Soft Launches in Australia and New Zealand! Will we have special merchandise in Down Under?

After a few weeks of announcing that the Pokemon Center Online Store will open in Australia and New Zealand, the Pokemon Center Online Store has now soft-launched its Australia and New Zealand store. The website itself is still in its early stages, so some items will not be listed. You may also experience some bugs or trouble while accessing the website. 


With that aside, this is definitely a breath of fresh air for Pokemon lovers in Australia and New Zealand as we can access the official Pokemon merchandise easily. We also get to have a Trading Card Game preorder which can include a Pokemon Center exclusive product. 


There is also a welcome message from the Pokemon Center itself:

We’re excited to welcome you in with the best possible experience, but this site is still in its early stages, and you may see a few hiccups. With that note of caution, please have fun browsing our current selection and be sure to check back—we’ll be working hard to add new product lines continually!


You can check the website by clicking here:

Pokémon Center Australia Official Site


What do you guys think? Comment your thoughts down below!


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