New Pokemon Gimmighoul Revealed!

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Pokemon officially revealed a new Pokemon from the Paldea Region, Gimmighoul the Coin Chest Pokemon. This Pokemon has been teased in Pokemon GO, which has a coin bubble chat. 


In the official reveal, Gimmighoul will be available in 2 forms, Chest Form and Roaming Form. It will be available on both Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be available worldwide on November 18, 2022


Here is more detailed info about Gimmighoul:

Chest Form


It Hides inside a Treasure Chest and Moves Slowly

Gimmighoul hides inside sturdy treasure chests. While this provides them with a solid defense, the treasure chest’s weight causes Gimmighoul to move slowly, making travel difficult. It is not uncommon for Chest Form Gimmighoul to be mistaken for an antique and taken home or sold to an antique store.​


Gimmighoul Controls People and Pokémon, Making Them Collect Coins​

When Gimmighoul senses a person or Pokémon draw near, it ambushes them. It then uses ghost energy to control its target, forcing them to collect coins. Because it often hides in warehouses, shop corners, and other places people and Pokémon don’t frequent, it tends to keep persistent control of those it does manage to encounter.


Category: Coin Chest Pokémon​

Type: Ghost

Height: 1'

Weight: 11 lbs.

Ability: Rattled

Roaming Form


It’s small, carries a single coin on its back, and can be found hiding all over Paldea. However, since they run away as soon as a person approaches, it seems not a single Trainer in Paldea has ever managed to catch one.


Surprisingly, Roaming Form Gimmighoul have been spotted in the world of Pokémon GO as well! It appears that Mr. Jacq—an expert on the biology of Pokémon in the Paldea region—and Professor Willow, who has been carrying out research alongside Trainers in the world of Pokémon GO, have joined forces to devise a way to catch them. Please wait for future announcements to hear all about their research results.

You can check the official video here:


For more information, you can check their official website here:

What do you guys think of this Pokemon? I really like its gimmick and both forms also have a unique design. I just don’t like its really small size when it becomes a Roaming Form because you may miss it if you want to search for it.


Also, we are nearing the release date of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. This means that the Scarlet and Violet era will begin this month and I can't wait to see the final evolution of all the starters. Have you guys pre-order the game yet?


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