New McDonald’s 2022 Pokemon Campaign!

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In the United Kingdom, new McDonald's Pokemon campaigns have begun. For every Happy Meal purchased, you will receive 1 promotional pack containing 4 promotional cards and 1 card with a holographic McDonald's design, as well as 1 spinner and 1 coin for the Pokemon Match Battle game. The supplied coins and spinners are constructed of cardboard.


So far, here is the list of cards that you can get in this campaign:

  • Pikachu

  • Growlithe

  • Victini

  • Rowlet

  • Lapras

  • Flaaffy

  • Ledyba

  • Chinchou

  • Smeargle

  • Tynamo

  • Cutiefly

  • Drampa

  • Pangoro

  • Bewear

  • Gossifleur

You will also get a Happy Meal box featuring Pikachu.


There’s also another activity that you can do for the kids like connecting the dots or colouring the Pokemon.

Help Pikachu and Friends!


Colour in the Pokemon


Join up the dots!


How many Poke Balls can your little one spot?



For more information you can check here:

Feel free to comment and contact us if there are more cards or new campaigns to come!


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