New Japan Gym Promo Cards Revealed!

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Pokemon Card Game has officially revealed their 9th promo gym card. The card will be officially distributed after January 14th, 2022.


You will get these packs if you participate in a gym battle at a local game store in Japan.


Here are the new cards:

Big thanks to our translator Nomad for the translation!

If you are on PC, you can try to Right-Click the Image and choose 'Open Image in New Tab' for the bigger picture.

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C - Water Gun 10 


WCC - Crab Hammer 50


P - Darkness 30

The opponent's Active Pokemon is now confused


FF - Low Sweep 50


D - Strike Claw

Choose 1 of your opponent's Bench Pokemon and deal 20 damage for each damage counter on it. (Don't apply Weakness and Resistance for Bench Pokemon.)


DDC - Claw Slash 110


C - Clawing 30

Flip a coin, if tails, this attack does nothing.


Reveal the top 5 cards of your Deck, then your opponent chooses 2 of them. Discard the chosen cards, then add the remaining cards to your hand.

Infernape V

C - Comet Punch 30x

Flip a coin until tails, this attack deals 30 damage for each heads. 


FFC - Crimson Lotus Flame 200

Discard 2 Energy from this Pokemon.

What do you guys think? I think these cards are not too good, to begin with. But 1 card that stands out for me is Weavile. If you are playing spread decks, Weavile can be a good choice for a decent finisher, and the best thing is it can target the bench!


Comment down below to share your thoughts!


Stay safe and healthy! - Arelios

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