New Cards Revealed from S9 'Star Birth' Japan!

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Pokemon Card Game Japan just revealed another new card from the upcoming set S9 ‘Star Birth’ in their Official YouTube Channel. 


The set will be released on January 14, 2022, and will be priced at 4950 Yen per box. It will be featuring a new mechanic, VSTAR Power that is similar to the GX attack.


The booster box will contain 30 Booster Pack. The set will be having 100 cards before SR, HR, etc.


Here are the new cards:

Big thanks to our translator Nomad for the translation!

If you are on PC, you can try to Right-Click the Image and choose 'Open Image in New Tab' for the bigger picture.

If you are on Smartphone, you can hold the picture and choose 'Preview Picture'


E - Energy Crash 50x

This attack deals 50 damage for each Energy attached to the opponent’s Active Pokemon


E - Flash Impact 110

Deals 30 damage to 1 of your Bench Pokemon. (Don’t apply Weakness or Resistance for Bench Pokemon)


E - Electric Shock 30

Flip a coin, if heads, your opponent's Active Pokemon is now Paralyzed.


E - Bite 10


Ability - Healing Shade

Your Pokemon that have [Grass] Energy attached to them cannot be confused.


GGC - Slice Blade 100


Ability - Slime Lord

The retreat cost of your opponent's poisoned Pokemon is increased by 1 Energy.


DCC - Shrieking Poison 90

Your opponent's Active Pokemon is now poisoned and confused. 


D - Poison Gas

Your opponent's Active Pokemon is now poisoned

What do you guys think? With Ultra Ball coming back to the rotation this year, many possibilities emerge especially when making Single-Prize decks. I think they can have a chance in the meta or can be a secondary attacker/helper in our already meta decks.


Comment down below to share your thoughts!


Stay safe and healthy! - Arelios

News Source: Official YouTube Channel of Pokemon Card Game Japan (【公式】ポケモンカードチャンネル)

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